How to avoid turning into a frog in FF7 Rebirth

Becoming a frog in combat is not only unpleasant but also problematic, especially when it interferes with a critical Gongaga combat mission in Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth. If you’re struggling with this task or simply dealing with those pesky frogs, this guide is for you.

How to shield yourself from the Frog status effect

You can shield yourself from the Toad status effect in two ways: by avoiding attacks like Poliwag Punch or Toafrong Tune, which can cause transformation into a frog, or by equipping an accessory known as a White Cape.

The attacks themselves are relatively easy to dodge—simply maintain your distance and steer clear of any bubbles or fog attacks. However, if you prefer close combat and want to engage the frogs while minimizing risk, outfitting a character with a White Cape is the optimal strategy.

Where to acquire a White Cape in FF7 Rebirth

A White Cape can be obtained by emerging victorious in the Gold Saucer’s six-person bout, “The Befouled,” at the Musclehead Colosseum. This event is part of the arena game in Battle Square and becomes accessible immediately after Cait Sith joins your party.

If you’re unfamiliar, six-person bouts entail assembling a team of six party members to participate in battles comprising at least two rounds. Each member has an equal opportunity to engage in the action, so it’s advisable to construct two well-balanced teams before entering.

When facing off against “The Befouled,” ensure that each team includes a character proficient in magic, such as Yuffie or Aerith.

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