How to assign Skills in Last Epoch

Understanding various mechanics in Last Epoch is relatively straightforward, but one aspect that posed a challenge for me was the process of assigning Skills. After figuring it out, I’ve compiled this guide to assist you in navigating how to slot and rearrange Skills in Last Epoch.

Last Epoch: How to slot skills and rearrange them

There are two methods to reassign Skill slots in Last Epoch. Firstly, you can simply drag and drop Skills from the Skills window onto your hotbar. Alternatively, you can click on a Skill slot and choose a different Skill from the available options.

Pressing ‘S’ on your keyboard will open the Skills and Specializations menu, where you can drag and drop Skills into your hotbar. While this was the first method I learned, it’s not necessarily the most straightforward.

The easiest way to rearrange Skills is by clicking on the Skill slot and selecting a different Skill. This method still provides a description of each Skill, aiding in reminding you of their respective functions.

Can you get more Skill slots in Last Epoch?

As far as I’ve discerned, five Skill slots is the maximum allocation in Last Epoch. Although it may seem like four initially, you can replace your left-click Skill slot, bringing the total to five. Unfortunately, there isn’t a way to acquire additional Skill slots. This limitation may be disappointing, particularly as you progress and encounter numerous enticing Skills.

In reality, you’ll need to carefully select the five most suitable Skills—or at least the ones that synergize best—and proceed with your build accordingly. With the aid of Specializations, all five of your chosen Skills can be tailored to complement each other and cater to your specific requirements.

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