How to Assign Pals Jobs at Your Base in Palworld

Why spend your own valuable time toiling away in Palworld when you can delegate tasks to adorable creatures instead? Assigning tasks to the Pals on your Base frees up a lot of your time, and it’s essential to get each Pal working right away.

Once you have acquired new Pals in Palworld, you can assign them tasks and put them to work at your Base. To do this, access your Palbox and select the Palbox Management Menu. From here, you can view all the Pals available to you. Click on a Pal and move it down to the Pals at the base section directly under your Box. This action will immediately spawn the Pal to your Base, where you can direct them to a specific job.

Each Pal comes with specific Skills that enable them to undertake particular tasks. For instance, a Chikipi has the Egg Layer Partner Skill, providing you with Eggs. Other Pals have Passive Skills like Workaholic, making them work harder and take fewer breaks. While all Pals can perform tasks like Crafting and Construction, some jobs require specific Pals, such as crafting Ingots at a furnace, which necessitates a Fire Pal like Rooby or Foxparks.

Assigning Tasks to Your Pals in Palworld

Manually assigning Pals to a specific task involves picking them up with the designated button prompt (X for Controller or Steam Deck, and F for PC), then throwing them at the desired work location using the same button. A lightbulb notification over their head indicates that they understand the task and will commence accordingly.

To reassign a Pal from their current job, pick them up and throw them away from the workstation. This action can direct them to another job or an open area of the base where they will search for something new automatically.

If you do not manually assign tasks to your Pals, they will automatically find a job at the Base from the available tasks. However, this may not necessarily be the task you prefer. Auto assignment can be useful when you’re away from your Base, but it’s not always the most efficient. So, it’s wise to monitor what your Pals are working on and reassign as needed.

Pals will only work at workstations entirely within the boundaries of your Base, indicated by the highlighted blue line. If a Pal is not working at a particular location, check to ensure it’s constructed within the Base’s confines.

How to Optimize Your Pal’s Tasks

Considering that Pals have their own specific skills, it’s essential to place them in your Base while considering the available tasks you need to complete. Placing a fire-type Pal in your Base when you don’t need the furnace running is pointless, as they will have nothing to do and may lose sanity and nourishment without work output.

When examining a Pal in your Palbox, check their Work Suitability and level for the tasks they’re suitable for. A Pal may be suitable for multiple tasks, but if it has a higher level in one work category than another, it will be more efficient in that particular category.

Here’s an interesting Tip: Pals tend to focus on the task closest to their pathway as they wander from the Palbox when they first spawn. You can optimize auto-assignments by placing the tasks you want them to do first closest to the Palbox.

You can also use a Pal straight from your Party to work on a task while you’re around your Base. Throw your Pal’s sphere at whatever task you want it to complete, and they’ll get to work right away. Unlike other Pals in your Base, Pals from your party will always stick to the task assigned to them and never wander off to take a break.

Dictating Pal Work Speed in Palworld

Upon reaching level 15, you can unlock the Monitoring Stand via the Technology menu. This enables you to control how hard your Pals work at your Base. You can choose from different options to make your Pals Normal, Hard Working, or Super Hardworking. However, pushing them too hard can result in fast Sanity and Hunger depletion.

Here’s another Tip: Having a large number of Pals readily available in your Palbox allows you to rotate exhausted Pals out for rested ones. This ensures continuous work at higher settings without downtime.

Working your Pals excessively can lead to sickness and depression. While it’s up to you to decide if it’s right or wrong, ensure you have various healing items to ensure your Pals can continue working at the level you demand.

Tips to Keep Your Pals at One Job

Here are some steps to help ensure your Pals remain focused on a particular task:

  • Use your partner Pal to perform a task: Throw a Pal from your party at a job that you want finished. Partner Pals will only run away from it if you assign them somewhere else, throw out a different party member, or leave your base.
  • Exploit Pals with one single skill: Sometimes, a Pal that can work multiple jobs will get distracted by other things to work on. So if you want a Pal in your base to only work on one task, you should make sure it can only do that task.
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