How long is The Outlast Trials?

Can you withstand The Outlast Trials? For most horror game enthusiasts, the answer will likely be yes, shifting the focus to how long it takes to complete the game once you begin your journey.

While I appreciate the artistic elements of horror games, my tolerance for frightening experiences is quite low. This is precisely why I found solace in the cooperative aspects of The Outlast Trials, as facing challenging objectives felt less daunting with friends by my side. Nevertheless, I was still curious about the duration required to finish The Outlast Trials, allowing me to mentally prepare accordingly.

How many hours does it take to complete The Outlast Trials?

Completing The Outlast Trials in its Early Access stage typically takes around 16-20 hours. However, the exact duration may vary due to factors such as character progression and the success rate in completing tasks within the game’s four programs.

As The Outlast Trials approaches its full release, developer Red Barrels may introduce additional programs to the game. If this occurs, the overall time required to complete the game is likely to increase accordingly. This potential expansion would also enhance the game’s replayability.

Considering all available platforms for The Outlast Trials, I also pondered whether the game supports crossplay or cross-platform functionality. Given the prevalence of exclusivity agreements in today’s gaming landscape, finding a title that allows you to play with friends across different platforms can be challenging. Crossplay not only boosts player engagement and community interaction but also contributes to the longevity of games.

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