How long is FF7 Rebirth?

Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth offers a vast gaming experience, featuring six open-world regions and 14 Chapters of story. Being an extensive RPG, players can invest numerous hours in leveling up their characters, weapons, Materia, and more. Naturally, you might be curious: How long does it take to complete FF7 Rebirth? Here’s what we know about the game’s overall length, both for the story alone and for those aiming to accomplish everything.

Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth Main Scenario Story length

If you intend to solely focus on the Main Scenario Story of FF7 Rebirth, anticipate spending approximately 35ish hours. This duration encompasses the Prologue Chapter and all 14 Chapters of the story. Notably, the latter chapters tend to become progressively lengthier, with the final two requiring a significant amount of time each to complete.

According to HowLongToBeat, the current average completion time for the story at the time of writing is 35.5 hours. The fastest completion time is approximately 30 hours, while the longest story-only completion time is around 40 hours.

Naturally, the completion time can fluctuate depending on whether you engage in ANY side-content within FF7 Rebirth, or if you opt to spend time grinding and leveling up Characters, Weapons, or Materia.

How long to do all the optional content in FF7 Rebirth

For those aiming to explore all that Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth offers, including optional content, side quests, mini-games, and more, expect to invest over 100 hours. In fact, depending on your skill level, it might take even longer.

Personally, I spent approximately 80 hours in the game upon completion, having tackled all optional content in the first three open-world regions but none in the final three. If I had desired to complete everything, including the remaining three regions and all that Gold Saucer had to offer, it would have likely added another 30 hours or more.

Therefore, the time required can vary based on your specific objectives. If you aim to platinum FF7 Rebirth, you can expect to add another 30 hours or so on top, as one trophy necessitates beating the game on Expert Difficulty, which unlocks only after completing the game once. Consequently, achieving the platinum trophy will entail two playthroughs.

In conclusion, the duration of FF7 Rebirth ultimately hinges on the extent of content you wish to complete. For those prioritizing the story, completion might be feasible within several dozen hours. However, for completionists, the journey could extend well beyond 100 hours.

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