How Does Multiplayer Work in Nightingale?

While you won’t find yourself gearing up for a base raid or engaging in player-versus-player combat in a player-led ambush against another party, Nightingale still offers multiplayer that promises an enjoyable experience. But how exactly does multiplayer function in Nightingale? Let’s delve into it!

Can You Play Nightingale Solo?

First and foremost, if you prefer diving into an expansive world solo without the constraints of group play dictating your pace or playstyle, you can certainly enjoy Nightingale in single-player mode.

When you first start the game, the developer, Inflexion Games, essentially isolates the experience. You won’t encounter another player in your Realm until you change the settings to ‘Public’ or initiate a co-op party with your friends. This allows for an isolated adventure, where you can freely spend time farming resources or exploring points of interest without any external influences.

Can You Play in a Party in Nightingale?

However, if you wish to team up with others, Nightingale makes it easy to do so. As mentioned earlier, you can set your Realm to ‘Public’ to attract random players. If your game is set to ‘Public,’ you will encounter other players in the same Realm as you on the map, but you are not obligated to play with them. You can still progress solo at your own pace or choose to team up for certain encounters.

Furthermore, Nightingale features party mechanics that allow you to group up after completing the tutorial. You can join a friend in their Realm, invite someone to join yours, or engage in voice chat with an entire party to explore a Realm and construct a base. However, it’s important to note that anyone in your party can also dismantle base items and structures, so caution is advised when inviting others to play.

Building a Base in Multiplayer

In Nightingale, your base, known as your Respite Realm, requires an Estate Cairn, which serves as a beacon that extends through the Fae Realms. You can always return to your home, but each player can only have one Respite Realm.

If you wish to build a large-scale base with your entire party, all party members must designate their Respite Realm in the same Fae Realm.

How Does Loot Work in Multiplayer?

Understanding how loot mechanics function in multiplayer games is crucial, especially for those who prefer to keep their loot to themselves. In Nightingale, loot chests obtained from encounters are instanced for each player, meaning that each player receives their own loot. However, loot found elsewhere in the game is not instanced. Nevertheless, players can still trade or give items to their co-op party members by dropping items on the ground without the risk of losing them.

Nightingale is set to debut on Steam Early Access on February 20, 2024.

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