How does Hwei work in TFT Set 11

In December 2023, Riot Games introduced Visionary Hwei to League of Legends, and three months later, he made his debut in TFT Set 11: Inkborn Fables. In TFT, Hwei is a 5-cost unit with the Mythic and Artist traits.

With a base Health of 1052 HP and 100 base mana as a 1-star unit, Hwei serves as a backline Magic Caster on your board, benefiting from items like Blue Buff, Rabadon’s Deathcap, and Jeweled Gauntlet. Aside from being a unit, Hwei is also one of over 80 different Encounters in Inkborn Fables, aiding players in various ways.

Hwei’s traits in TFT Set 11

Mythic is a trait shared by seven champions, including Visionary Hwei. Mythic champions gain Health, Ability Power, and Attack Speed. After four player combats, Mythic units become Epic, increasing the bonus they receive from the trait by 50 percent.

The Artist trait is unique to Hwei. Hwei creates a special bench slot, allowing players to receive a 1-star copy of a chosen champion when the Artist’s work is complete. The completion time depends on the cost of the selected unit, decreasing as Hwei levels up. For instance, copying a 1-cost unit like Kobuko takes one round, while duplicating a 3-cost unit like Tham Kench requires three rounds.

Hwei’s ability in TFT Set 11

Hwei’s ability, A Brush With Fate, demonstrates his magical prowess as both a painter and a caster. He creates a paint pool around units, healing allies and damaging enemies based on his Ability Power. Hwei heals allies within the painted pool every second for three seconds, amounting to 40/60/1000 percent of his Ability Power. Once the duration ends, the paint pool explodes, providing allies with additional healing equivalent to 120/180/1000 percent of his AP, while dealing 220/330/1000 AP damage to enemies.

A Brush With Fate draws inspiration from Hwei’s ultimate ability in League, Spiraling Despair. In Riot’s MOBA, Hwei boasts a complex kit with ten different abilities, providing the TFT team with numerous options to select from for his ability in the auto battler.

Noemi Coute, Game Designer at TFT, mentioned that Hwei was introduced in Set 11’s development stage quite late, and the team experimented with various variations for him. “Many of them were too intricate,” Coute elaborated. Eventually, the team simplified the process and opted for his ultimate to prevent an excessively complicated ability and enhance readability on the board.

Hwei joins TFT with Patch 14.6, alongside other 60 units.

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