How Do Warbonds Work in Helldivers 2?

The squad-based engagements in Helldivers 2 don’t strive for the realism of Ready or Not, but tension can still mount when confronting an alien onslaught. Warbonds offer a welcome diversion from the rigors of combat, allowing you to acquire some flashy new items. While these gadgets may not tip the scales of life or death, sometimes it’s the little details that count. Plus, who wouldn’t want to present their best self while battling alongside friends for Super Earth? However, Warbonds operate differently from typical Battle Passes. So, how exactly do Warbonds function in Helldivers 2?

Helldivers 2 Warbonds Explained

Similar to Battle Passes in other games, Warbonds unlock exclusive gear not readily available in Helldivers 2. The significant advantage of Warbonds over conventional Battle Passes is their lack of expiration. If you can’t dedicate extensive hours to grind through all the content before the next Warbond cycle, you won’t miss out on the rewards. Additionally, unlike loot boxes, you’ll know precisely what you’re receiving from the outset, enabling you to assess the value of investing in Warbonds.

Completing missions earns you Super Credits, which you can then exchange for Warbonds in Helldivers 2. Notably, the items obtainable with Warbonds extend beyond mere cosmetics. Some items impact your character’s abilities, raising concerns about potential pay-to-win scenarios and broader balance issues. For those who purchased the Super Citizen Edition of the game, the first Warbond (Steeled Veterans) is included, sparing you the need to grind for Super Credits until the subsequent Warbond release. While splurging on pricey in-game items may not appeal to everyone, enhancing your appearance on the battlefield might make enduring the occasional “Failed to join Lobby” error more palatable.

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