Hogwarts Legacy: How to Get Horklump Juice

Alright, fellow magical beings, grab your wands and gather ’round because we’re delving into the magical realm of Horklump Juice in Hogwarts Legacy. Trust me, you’ll want to brew that Wiggenweld Potion and keep those health levels high as we embark on this mystical adventure!

Buying Horklump Juice

So, the quickest fix is to buy yourself some Horklump Juice, right? Well, hold your Hippogriffs because it can get pricey. J. Pippin’s Potions might have what you need, but at 50 Galleons a pop, it’s not exactly a bargain. Consider this: buying a ready-made Wiggenweld Potion costs only 100 Galleons. Decisions, decisions – Galleons or brewing time?

Finding Horklump Juice – The Simplest Way

Now, if you’re feeling a bit thrifty and adventurous, there’s a simpler way to get that Horklump Juice fix. Venture into the Scottish Highlands and scout out those Treasure Vaults on your map. Crack them open, and voila! Horklump Juice gathering spots await. Quick tip – these spots refresh every three in-game days. Stay vigilant, my friends.

Gathering in Horklump Hollow – The Risky Shortcut

Feeling brave? Head north of Hogsmeade to the ominous Horklump Hollow. It’s a treasure trove of Horklump Juice, guarded by none other than a Mountain Troll. Brace yourselves, it’s no walk in the Forbidden Forest. Keep your distance, unleash some Confringo spells, and if that Troll tosses rocks your way, catch ’em with Protego and throw ’em right back. It’s a risky maneuver, but the reward is sweet, sweet Horklump Juice.

As we navigate the enchanting world of Hogwarts Legacy, remember – Revelio is your friend. Use it to sniff out those potion ingredients.

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