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Hells Paradise: Why Did Gabimaru Leave for the Horai by Himself?

“Hells Paradise: Jigokuraku” is a captivating manga series created by Yuji Kaku that takes readers on a thrilling journey into a supernatural realm filled with danger and intrigue. The protagonist, Gabimaru, is a highly skilled shinobi who embarks on a treacherous mission to the mysterious island known as Horai. In this article, we will delve into the reasons behind Gabimaru’s decision to venture into the perilous unknown alone, uncovering the layers of his character and the circumstances that led him to this fateful choice.

I. The Demons Within: Gabimaru’s Personal Struggles

Gabimaru, also known as “Gabimaru the Hollow,” is a complex character haunted by his past. As a shinobi, he was once known as the strongest assassin of the Iwagakure village. However, the burden of his lethal skills and the countless lives he took became too much to bear. The weight of guilt and remorse gnawed at his soul, leaving him empty and seeking redemption.

A. A Desire for Atonement

Gabimaru’s decision to leave for the Horai by himself stems from his deep-rooted desire for atonement. He believes that by embarking on this perilous journey alone, he can confront his inner demons and find redemption for the sins he has committed. This solitary quest is his way of seeking forgiveness and finding inner peace, even if it means facing insurmountable challenges along the way.

B. The Burden of Survival

Another factor that drives Gabimaru to venture into the Horai alone is his reluctance to burden others with his own survival. Having witnessed the death and suffering caused by his own hands, he feels an immense guilt for the lives lost in his wake. By embarking on this dangerous mission by himself, Gabimaru aims to protect those around him from the perils he knows lie ahead, sparing them from potential harm and maintaining his self-imposed isolation.

II. The Enigma of the Horai: Unraveling the Mystery

The island of Horai holds immense significance in the series, shrouded in mystery and filled with supernatural elements. It is said that on this island lies the Elixir of Life, capable of granting immortality to those who obtain it. Gabimaru’s decision to leave for Horai alone can be attributed to his relentless pursuit of the elixir, driven by a desire to undo the irreversible consequences of his past actions.

A. The Promise of Redemption

For Gabimaru, the Elixir of Life represents an opportunity for redemption. He sees it as a chance to rectify the lives he has taken and the pain he has caused. The prospect of immortality not only tantalizes him with the possibility of eternal existence but also holds the promise of redemption if he can use it to prevent further bloodshed and bring about a positive change.

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B. An Act of Sacrifice

In leaving for the Horai alone, Gabimaru also displays a selfless act of sacrifice. By shouldering the burden of this dangerous quest himself, he protects those he cares about from the perils that await. His decision to face the unknown alone demonstrates his willingness to put himself in harm’s way, all in the hope of achieving a greater good and sparing others from the dangers that lie ahead.

III. The Loneliness of the Journey: Gabimaru’s Isolation

One cannot ignore the profound sense of isolation that accompanies Gabimaru’s journey to Horai. Throughout the series, he is portrayed as a lone wolf, estranged from

society and detached from human connections. This isolation plays a significant role in his decision to embark on this perilous mission alone.

A. Self-Imposed Exile

Gabimaru’s self-imposed exile from society is rooted in his guilt and remorse. He believes that his presence brings nothing but suffering and death, leading him to distance himself from others. This self-imposed exile strengthens his resolve to confront his demons alone, reinforcing the notion that his journey to Horai is a solitary one.

B. A Quest for Redemption

The isolation Gabimaru endures during his journey also serves as a form of penance. By deliberately isolating himself, he seeks to atone for his sins and find solace in his own solitude. This isolation is both a punishment and a means of self-reflection, allowing Gabimaru to confront his innermost fears and come to terms with the consequences of his actions.


Gabimaru’s decision to leave for the Horai alone in “Hells Paradise: Jigokuraku” is driven by a multitude of factors. His desire for atonement, the burden of survival, the allure of redemption through the Elixir of Life, and the isolation he experiences all play a significant role in shaping his motivations. As readers follow Gabimaru’s journey, they become witnesses to his transformation, witnessing the growth of a character burdened by guilt, seeking a path to redemption. The enigmatic nature of Gabimaru and the mysteries surrounding the Horai only add to the intrigue of this captivating manga series.


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