Helldivers 2 | Where to find Pink Samples

Pink Samples, also known as Super Rare Samples, hold the title of being the rarest resource in Helldiver 2 for various reasons. If you aim to fully upgrade your destroyer, you’ll require a plentiful supply of these samples. Thus, here’s a guide on where and how to locate them.

How to find Super Rare Samples in Helldivers 2

Among the three sample types in Helldivers 2 (Common, Rare, Super Rare), Super Rare samples pose the greatest challenge to acquire. This is due to their exclusive availability on Suicide Mission or higher difficulty levels during missions. Similar to the more common samples, you can encounter Super Rare samples within Points of Interest (POIs) scattered across your mission. However, it’s crucial to note that Super Rare Samples live up to their name—they are exceedingly scarce. You’ll likely need to undertake numerous missions and thoroughly explore POIs to gather these samples in significant quantities.

During one mission on Angel’s Venture against the Terminids at Helldiver difficulty, I stumbled upon my initial set of Super Rare Samples shortly after completing the main objective and moving towards extraction. Since that fortunate discovery, my team and I have managed to consistently acquire a few Super Rare Samples every other mission or so. This has made what initially seemed like an insurmountable task surprisingly achievable on a relatively frequent basis.

We encountered them within a heavily infested POI featuring a towering Terminid structure. The samples were nestled at the structure’s base, often appearing in groups ranging from two to five. Remember, it’s essential to extract with the Super Rare Samples to utilize them on your destroyer. This requirement applies to your entire squad as well.

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