Helldivers 2 story explained

War narratives in modern video games don’t necessarily require complexity, but as a Helldiver in Helldiver 2, you might find yourself pondering the true purpose of your battles. Here’s a breakdown of the story behind Helldiver 2.

Does Helldiver 2 have a story?

While Helldivers 2 doesn’t boast a convoluted Liberation Campaign, it continues the storyline from its predecessor. Following the triumph of the Sol system’s liberation, which saw the defeat of the Terminid, Cyborgs, and Illuminates factions, peace spread across the stars. Super Earth emerged victorious in the Galactic War, ushering in an era of harmony among civilizations. Consequently, Helldivers were relieved of their duties, marking the onset of The Great Democratization.

Technological advancements surged, fueled by Illuminates-derived knowledge, particularly the discovery of E-710 in Terminid remains, which revolutionized agricultural practices.

Despite a period of tranquility on Super Earth, the Terminids revolted, breaking free from human control and infesting planets across the Sol system. Concurrently, a new menace, the Automaton, emerged from the west, compounding the threat posed by the Terminids in the east.

Helldivers were once again called into action to thwart the invading forces and restore peace to Super Earth. This is where your role as a Helldiver becomes paramount. Your mission is to collaborate with fellow Helldivers, uniting as a cohesive team to eradicate the insect infestations and thwart the rogue robots’ nefarious schemes.

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