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Solo players in Helldivers 2 may sometimes feel overwhelmed without comrades by their side. If you’re striving to avoid high treason or reluctant to spend cash on redeployment during combat, here are eight tips tailored for solo players embarking on their Helldivers 2 journey.

Helldivers 2: Solo player guide for beginners

Best missions to complete for Medals and XP

Mission selection significantly influences your success in Helldivers 2, irrespective of difficulty level or unlocked gear. Here’s a breakdown of the best missions to tackle solo, ranked from easiest to toughest, along with missions best avoided when flying solo.

  • Recommended missions:
  • Terminate Illegal Broadcast: Disable illegal broadcasts in enemy territory.
  • Spread Democracy: Erect multiple Super Earth flags.
  • Destroy Transmission Network: Disable the Transmission Stream.
  • Upload Escape Pod Data: Retrieve data from the pod.
  • Launch ICBM: Locate shells and activate the ICBM.
  • Activate E-710 Pumps: Reactivate the pumps by turning valves.
  • Sabotage Supply Bases: Demolish fuel and munitions depots.
  • Sabotage Air Case: Neutralize air capabilities in the area.

Completing these missions becomes swift once you grasp the locations of objective items.

Missions to avoid as solo players:

  • Purge Hatcheries: Eradicate all Terminid eggs.
  • Blitz: Search and Destroy: Obliterate all Terminid structures.
  • Eliminate Missions: Hunt down and eliminate high-value targets.
  • Conduct Geological Survey: Locate valuable ore veins via survey.
  • Eradicate Forces: Eliminate Terminid swarm or Automaton forces (short time-to-complete).

Personally, I’ve found more success tackling Automaton over Terminid missions. Automaton missions are typically quicker to complete, whereas Terminid missions often lead to errors and more frequent deaths due to overwhelming swarms.

Target low-tiered enemies first

Eliminate low-tiered enemies upon entering enemy territory. These foes boast the highest spawn rate and pose minimal threat. Distinguish between factions based on their attacks; low-tiered enemies usually employ either melee or single firearm attacks. Neutralizing them first prevents breaches and reinforcements, indicated by red flares or smoke near low-tiered enemies.

Choose heavy artillery Stratagem over support weapons

Opt for heavy artillery such as Orbital Strikes and drones when customizing your Stratagem list. Support weapons are commonly found as ground loot, whereas random orbital strikes are exclusive Stratagems. Experiment with ground loot support weapons to discern your preferred Stratagems, allowing you to conserve cash while unlocking additional Stratagems in Ship Management.

Keep an eye on the minimap throughout the missions

The minimap serves as a vital navigation tool, highlighting patrolling enemies, resource locations, and secondary objectives. Plan your route to and from objective markers, mark resource sites, and retreat strategically when low on supplies. Enemies won’t pursue you if you keep moving, enabling tactical repositioning and evasion. Remember to monitor your stamina and use it judiciously for regeneration.

Don’t neglect the Supply Drop Stratagem

Utilize the Supply Drop Stratagem to replenish ammunition and stims, essential for healing. As stims are scarce, maximize Supply Drop usage during missions to maintain a steady supply. Retrieve supplies methodically, reserving extras for later use. Position the Supply Drop strategically, ensuring proximity to objectives without risking destruction by enemies.

Be careful of your environment

Exercise caution to avoid instant death from environmental hazards like landmines and drowning. Steer clear of brightly colored blue plants and red devices, which denote landmines. Enemies can trigger these hazards, presenting opportunities for multiple eliminations. Additionally, avoid venturing into water to prevent drowning, as Helldivers cannot swim. Stay within the mission boundaries to avoid mission failure.

Complete everything in a mission

Efficiently complete the main objective within the 40-minute timeframe, utilizing remaining time for secondary objectives and resource gathering. You need not always call for extraction; proximity to the extraction ship during landing suffices to conclude the mission successfully.

Stay back in a fight

Maintain a safe distance from enemy swarms, focusing on eliminating lower-tiered foes to prevent reinforcements. Capitalize on the space to deploy grenades or call in air support against higher-tiered enemies. Utilize first-person mode to target enemy weak spots. Assess your situation to determine optimal strategies, combining tips for improved survivability, reduced respawn risk, and enhanced mission rewards upon extraction.

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