Helldivers 2 | Should you use Unsafe mode on the Railgun?

Congratulations, Helldiver! You’ve reached level 20 and exchanged your hard-earned Requisition for the Railgun Support Weapon, a formidable choice in Helldivers 2 known for its significant damage output, albeit with a slower fire rate. However, unlike other Support Weapons, the Railgun offers a unique feature that sets it apart—the ability to switch between Safe mode and Unsafe mode, adding a layer of complexity to its usage beyond simple point-and-shoot mechanics.

Unsafe mode in Helldivers 2 allows the Railgun to reach its maximum charge without any restrictions, offering the potential for higher damage output. However, it comes with a significant drawback—when the Railgun reaches maximum charge, it explodes, resulting in instant death regardless of your armor rating. This presents a tactical tradeoff, with each mode having its own advantages and disadvantages.

Should you use Unsafe mode on the Railgun?

While using Unsafe mode on the Railgun can yield success in certain situations, it ultimately depends on the context of your encounter. In most cases, opting for Safe mode is the safer choice.

Unsafe mode offers the potential for higher damage shots, but the risk of instant death from an overcharged Railgun can outweigh the benefits, especially in the chaotic battles against hordes of enemies that typify Helldivers 2 gameplay. With your focus primarily on combat rather than monitoring your charge meter, the potential danger posed by Unsafe mode often outweighs its benefits. Utilizing Safe mode ensures a more consistent and less risky approach to combat.

While Unsafe mode may prove useful against single, heavily armored adversaries or as a last resort, the majority of encounters can be effectively handled using Safe mode. Therefore, it’s advisable to stick with Safe mode in most situations, as instances where Unsafe mode is advantageous are rare.

Remember, your mission on Super Earth is crucial, but sacrificing your life to a malfunctioning weapon hardly earns you the title of war hero. Prioritize the use of Stratagems and exercise caution to avoid unnecessary self-inflicted harm.

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