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Don’t rush off the planet too quickly once you’ve completed a mission in Helldivers 2, as each Helldiver Operation contains secondary objectives waiting to be fulfilled. Here’s a comprehensive overview of secondary objectives in Helldivers 2.

What are secondary objectives in Helldivers 2?

Secondary objectives manifest as discrete, often solitary missions within Helldivers 2 Operations. Unlike the primary mission objectives, they don’t initially appear on the map upon spawning and remain entirely optional. These objectives only become apparent as you explore the map during or after accomplishing the primary mission. It’s worth noting that while every planet boasts multiple outposts that offer additional XP and currency upon clearance, these are distinct from secondary objectives.

Secondary objectives are referred to as Optional Objectives in the mission summary report screen, where you can track any XP and currency rewards associated with them. Engaging in secondary objectives proves advantageous for bolstering your financial resources, facilitating future Stratagem acquisitions at Ship Management.

How to complete secondary objectives in Helldivers 2

Every mission in Helldivers 2 presents secondary objectives to undertake. Explore points of interest to uncover resources and secondary objective locations. Resources are indicated by question marks and gems on the minimap, whereas secondary objectives become visible only when you’re in close proximity. Keep an eye out for manmade structures devoid of enemies (identified by red dots on the minimap) while on the lookout for secondary objectives, with examples including Artillery Stations and Satellites.

Secondary objectives entail specific tasks that yield additional XP and currency upon completion, differing from standard Helldivers 2 missions. These objectives become apparent as soon as you locate the corresponding point of interest, with all required items typically situated nearby. For instance, activating the SEAF Artillery will reveal the five shells in the vicinity.

Stay vigilant as enemies and reinforcements may spawn in close proximity to secondary objectives. Eliminate lower-tier enemies promptly to prevent them from calling for assistance. While you could attempt to tackle secondary objectives covertly, be wary of any enemy breaches, signaling that you’ve been detected.

It’s advisable to prioritize completing secondary objectives after successfully fulfilling the primary mission objectives. Strive to accomplish these objectives swiftly, allowing ample time to uncover secondary objectives, Samples, support weapons, and Super Credits. Additionally, secondary objectives may appear as Personal Orders, which are limited-time missions set on the Destroyer. Completing secondary objectives not only grants extra XP but also awards Medals if you possess a corresponding secondary objective Personal Order.

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