Helldivers 2 | Progression system

If you’re curious about the endpoint of your journey in your Helldiver career, here’s a comprehensive overview of the Helldivers 2 progression system.

Helldivers 2 offers players the chance to tailor a build that fits their unique playstyle. However, without a method to enhance your initial equipment, you might wonder, “How exactly do I advance in Helldivers 2?” Let’s delve into the details.

How does Helldivers 2 progression work?

The progression system in Helldivers 2 is distinct. Unlike many games where leveling up translates to increased power, Helldivers 2 provides consistently potent gear across the spectrum. However, unlocking core gameplay elements requires grinding XP, Medals, and Super Credits, the three essential currencies for advancement. The effectiveness of your gear hinges on your decision-making and timing. As a united Helldiver, there are three primary avenues for progression:

  • Warbond battle passes: The “Helldivers Mobilise!” (free) and “Steeled Veterans” (premium) battle passes offer access to new weapons, armor, Super Credits, and serve as the primary source of Boosters in Helldivers 2.
  • Levels: Progressing through levels by completing missions and additional objectives for XP unlocks new Stratagems. These allow you to utilize your hard-earned resources to permanently unlock support weapons.
  • Superstore: Featuring a rotating stock of cosmetic items with passive stats and exclusive weapons, the Superstore requires Super Credits, an in-game currency, for unlocking.

You naturally progress through levels by accomplishing missions, secondary objectives, clearing outposts, and eliminating enemies. Keep an eye on your level, as new Stratagems become available as you advance through the Liberation Campaign. Helldivers 2, an online-exclusive game, revolves around a unified front, pushing back against invading forces and refining your loadout collaboratively as you execute Operations.

While Helldivers 2 missions may repeat frequently, this repetition equips you with the knowledge needed to confront hordes and formidable foes on higher difficulty settings. It also enhances your ability to complete objectives efficiently and accumulate Warbond Medals swiftly. This gradual progress enables you to grind for new weapons, armor, and Stratagems tailored to your preferred playstyle, surpassing the starting loadout.

Although most gear is obtained through the free battle pass, offering a secure avenue to grind Medals and XP, the Superstore presents unique armor and occasional weapons that may better suit your preferences than the battle pass offerings. While weapons and armor cannot be upgraded, Helldivers 2 prioritizes powerful Stratagems, where precise communication and strategic planning reign supreme on the battlefield.

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