Helldivers 2 Is Coming to Steam Deck!

Helldivers 2 has finally arrived, sparking interest in whether it’s playable on the Steam Deck. The game is out for PS5 and PC via Steam, leading many to hope for portable play. Its captivating PvE combat, procedurally generated maps, and humor make it a tempting choice for on-the-go gaming.

Is Helldivers 2 Steam Deck Verified?

Currently, Helldivers 2 isn’t officially supported on the Steam Deck. Valve hasn’t assigned any status to it for the Steam Deck. However, gamers are known for their ingenuity, so there’s hope they’ll figure out a way to make it work on the handheld console.

It’s advisable to wait for the official Steam Deck release to avoid potential bugs or glitches. Many recent games playable on the device have some issues, and given the game’s PC system requirements, optimization may be needed for the Steam Deck.

There’s optimism since the first game in the series is Steam Deck verified, hinting that developers might be working on it. However, nothing is confirmed yet. Nonetheless, anticipation is high for this new live-service game, offering procedural gameplay and intense PvE action.

The developers have hinted at ongoing content updates, potentially including a handheld release, new enemies, or powerful weapons. This promise ensures an exciting future for players defending the galaxy.

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