Helldivers 2 | How to use the Supply Pack

Why opt for a Supply Drop when the dependable Supply Pack can serve you and your fellow Helldivers just as effectively in Helldivers 2? No more scavenging for supplies or anxiously waiting for that Supply Drop timer to tick down. The often overlooked Supply Pack is a reliable ally.

Helldivers 2: Supply Pack guide

The Supply Pack is among the various Stratagems accessible in Helldivers 2. Available for a modest fee of 4000 Requisitions, the Supply Pack proves highly beneficial for both solo and team-based Helldivers. Similar to summoning a Supply Drop, you can deploy the pack via the Stratagem code list during a mission. Despite occupying one of your four equipped Stratagem slots, it serves as a valuable replenishment tool during intense battles. With the Supply Pack in play from the moment you exit the Hellpod, there’s no need to reposition, retreat, or call for reinforcements.

The Supply Pack conveniently replenishes fellow Helldivers. As long as you have the Supply Pack equipped, you can approach any Helldiver in need of supplies and use the corresponding button (E on PC, A on Xbox controller, X on PS5) to resupply them. Featuring four supply crates, once all four supplies are exhausted, another Supply Pack can be summoned after the 480-second cooldown. Alternatively, utilizing a Supply Drop to restock your pack is also a viable option.

Remember to approach the Helldiver and press the corresponding resupply button for your platform. Additionally, you can replenish depleted Stims, ammunition, and grenades using the Supply Pack on yourself.

How to use the Supply Pack on self

To replenish your own supplies, simply press down on the d-pad for controller users or the number five on PC. This action will replenish your ammunition, used Stims, and grenades, providing the same amount as any crate in a Supply Drop.

Reserve this action for when your supplies are running low: It’s wasteful to use an entire supply crate to replenish a single magazine or your grenades. However, it can be advantageous for quickly refilling Stims if you’ve completely exhausted your supply. Note that it cannot replenish Stratagems with a one-time use, such as the Expendable Anti-Tank.

Utilize the Supply Pack in missions involving numerous enemy encounters, the destruction of Outposts, Nests, and Fabricators, or completing Retrieve Essential Personnel missions. It proves particularly valuable on higher difficulties, where retreating mid-fight not only delays mission completion but also subjects you to increased pressure within hostile and congested areas, elevating the risk of elimination.

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