Helldivers 2 | How to Get Free Super Credits

In any conflict, resources play a pivotal role, with money being a primary resource for acquiring better weapons and gear in Helldivers 2. While Super Credits are essential in this regard, obtaining them for free requires effort and teamwork. You won’t find a direct influx of credits upon landing on Superearth or at your base; instead, you’ll need to engage in intense battles against galactic adversaries alongside your team.

Where Can You Get Free Super Credits in Helldivers 2?

Super Credits serve as premium currency in Helldivers 2, purchasable in the in-game store with real money. However, the game isn’t designed around heavy microtransactions or a pay-to-win model. To ensure players can acquire Super Credits without spending real cash, the developers introduced the Warbond system. By completing levels in the free Warbond, players can earn approximately 500 credits, which can then be used to purchase the premium Warbond. While the premium Warbond offers additional rewards like accessories, it also provides around 200 extra credits.

Additionally, players can earn more Super Credits by completing campaign missions and exploring marked areas of interest on the map, denoted by a diamond symbol. While this method yields only a few Super Credits, it contributes to your overall earnings.

Helldivers 2’s Warbond mechanic offers players a satisfying way to earn free Super Credits without obligating them to purchase the battle pass with real money. Whether collaborating with your squad or tackling the campaign solo, obtaining these credits is achievable. However, success in accumulating wealth depends on your strategic prowess and combat skills against the extraterrestrial forces of the Galactic War.

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