Helldivers 2 | How to become a Traitor to Super Earth

As a Helldiver, your primary mission is to spread Managed Democracy throughout the galaxy. However, there are those who defy this noble cause and risk being labeled as ‘Traitors’ to Super Earth in Helldivers 2, with predictable consequences.

To earn the traitor label in Helldivers 2, simply venture outside the mission boundary of a map. You’ll receive a warning as soon as you approach the invisible boundary line, demanding you to “RETURN TO THE COMBAT ZONE” within ten seconds. What follows next?

Here’s what we do to a traitor in Helldivers 2

The moment you’re marked a traitor in Helldivers 2, your citizenship to Super Earth is permanently revoked. The Democracy Officer aboard your ship solemnly announces that there is “but one sentence commensurate to the crime of treason.” Soon after, your vision blurs, and the ominous words “TRAITOR DETECTED” flash on your screen.

Within moments, your very own Destroyer ship initiates an orbital strike precisely on your coordinates. It’s only a matter of time before a single shot reduces you to a mere meat patty.

Remember, each Helldiver you control represents a distinct individual. So, after the traitor meets their explosive demise, another Helldiver is dispatched to fill the void. As long as they refrain from going AWOL like their ill-fated predecessor, they remain safe.

What can you do as a traitor?

Becoming a traitor in Helldivers 2 typically spells the end before being obliterated in the name of freedom. However, you can leverage the orbital attack to your advantage. Equip yourself with armor that mitigates explosion damage and carry a Shield Generator Pack Stratagem. With a bit of luck and nimble maneuvering, you can exploit the barrage as a makeshift Stratagem and maneuver through a surprised swarm of enemies.

While it’s not exactly a recommended Helldivers 2 lifehack, and it’s sure to upset your allies, utilizing the “Traitor barrage” offers a creative way to dismantle enemy strongholds without depleting your Stratagem reserves. Just remember not to employ this tactic in my game.

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