Helldivers 2: Factions and Enemy Types, Explained

Helldivers 2 unfolds within the Galactic War, where rival factions from distant planets menace Super Earth and its populace. As a soldier in this conflict, understanding your adversaries and mastering combat tactics is paramount. In the expansive realm of Helldivers 2, you confront two primary enemy factions: insect-like creatures and robotic adversaries. Whether liberating planets through teamwork or individual valor, vigilance is key to avoid being caught off guard by alien threats.

Helldivers 2: Enemies Factions of Automatons

Among the mechanized foes you encounter are:

DropshipThese airborne units resemble cargo drones, facilitating the arrival of additional automatons. While easy to shoot down, prioritize them to hinder reinforcements.
MG RaiderBipedal robots armed with potent machine guns, posing a threat from a distance. Swiftly dispatch them upon sight to mitigate damage.
Rocket RaiderFunctioning similarly to MG Raiders, these units wield rocket launchers instead, requiring prompt elimination.
BrawlerEquipped with chainsaws, these melee-focused robots demand caution. Engage from a distance whenever possible, targeting their vulnerable red core if direct confrontation is unavoidable.
BerserkerSimilar to Brawlers, Berserkers wield chainsaws and must be engaged cautiously. Aim for their red core weak spot to maximize damage.
DevastatorMelee combatants with limited armor but distinctive appearance. Employ shotgun blasts to effectively neutralize them.
MarauderArmored robots armed with cannons and rockets, boasting a formidable defense. Utilize grenades and missiles, targeting their shielded head, for optimal efficacy.
Heavy DevastatorEnhanced versions of standard Devastators, requiring more potent attacks, such as grenades, to overcome their resilience.
Rocket DevastatorAnother iteration of the Devastator equipped with a rocket launcher. Employ grenades to penetrate their armor effectively.
TrooperAgile robots designed for aerial assaults. Neutralize them by targeting the pilot or attacking their legs.
Scout StriderResembling Troopers but with added armor, these foes remain vulnerable at their elongated legs.
Hulk BruiserMassive robots boasting heavy fists, posing a significant threat in combat. Exploit their vulnerability by targeting the upper back, ideally with a shotgun.
Hulk ScorcherTowering robots armed with potent flamethrowers, capable of inflicting devastating damage. Counter with Railgun shots, explosives, or Orbital Strikes for swift elimination.
Shredder TankArmored behemoths akin to literal tanks, presenting formidable defenses. Exploit weaknesses at the rear of their turret or employ Orbital Strikes to neutralize them effectively.
Annihilator TankEnormous tanks boasting unparalleled size, strength, and armor. Overcome these formidable foes by unleashing your most powerful weaponry, though expect a protracted battle.


Within the nests of insect-like creatures, you’ll encounter:

ScavengerBasic insect enemies that, while individually weak, pose a significant threat in swarms. Prevent their congregation by utilizing balaz effectively.
Flying ScavengerSimilar to their ground-bound counterparts, these insects possess flight capabilities.
HunterAgile creatures adept at ambushing from a distance. Neutralize them swiftly upon detection, prioritizing gunfire or grenades for clustered groups.
Secret HunterLarger variants of Hunters, featuring camouflage capabilities for stealthy approaches. Counter their invisibility with smoke or mines to restrict their mobility.
WarriorSmall yet resilient insect enemies, ideal targets for shotgun blasts.
Brood CommanderLarger, more robust variants of Warriors, distinguished by a green toxin coating. Prioritize their elimination using machine gun fire for efficient takedowns.
Hive GuardThe largest and most heavily armored among the Warriors. Employ railguns or machine guns to circumvent their defensive capabilities, as heavier attacks are difficult to execute due to their agile movements.
ChargerAmong the largest Terminids, these creatures boast formidable shells, save for their vulnerable abdomens. Focus your assault on their exposed areas, utilizing railguns for precise headshots.
SpewerSmall insects capable of spitting corrosive acid, inducing burning and slowing effects. Maintain distance while engaging, relying on firearms to eliminate them efficiently.
Large SpewerLarger variants of Spewers, necessitating heavy weapons for swift elimination.
Bile TitanGigantic enemies adorned with armor and possessing acidic saliva capabilities. Engage them with heavy weaponry, ensuring an ample supply of ammunition as they summon reinforcements.

Now armed with knowledge about enemy factions and their vulnerabilities, you’re better equipped to confront the challenges of Helldivers 2. Preserve as many lives as possible, as every spear is invaluable in advancing through your campaign alongside comrades.

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