Helldivers 2 Devs Confirm Grinders Aren’t Helping Automatons

Helldivers 2 enthusiasts who find themselves stuck in a cycle of farming XP and Requisitions on missions to “kill Automatons,” a practice viewed by some as disloyal, have received confirmation from developers that their actions aren’t detrimental to Super Earth’s cause. Certain players had expressed frustration towards those who frequently abandon operations, believing it aids the enemy.

As Helldivers 2 has expanded, it has attracted a specific player demographic drawn to the repetitive grind for XP and in-game currencies. This wouldn’t necessarily be an issue if not for the ongoing Galactic War between Super Earth and its adversaries, the Terminids and Automatons. Failure in Helldivers 2 missions contributes to the enemy’s war score, potentially resulting in the loss of planets to hostile forces. However, developers confirmed in a Reddit thread on Feb. 26 that this is not the case. Abandoning operations neither aids the enemies nor advances the cause of Democracy, as per the developers.

Confusion and frustration arose primarily from a developer’s erroneous statements in the game’s Discord server. When asked about the impact of abandoning operations on the enemy’s progress during planetary struggles, developer Evil-Bosse mistakenly claimed, “Yes, quitting after only half the operation counts as a loss for Super Earth,” sparking a heated Reddit discussion. Following extensive debate and clarification, Misty from Arrowhead Game Studios’ community and support team intervened to rectify the misunderstanding. “I can confirm that abandoning an operation does not progress the enemy’s percentage, so those who leave operations do not negatively affect a planet,” she clarified.

Evil-Bosse, the developer who initially suggested that grinders and medal farmers impede Super Earth’s advancement, apologized in response to the thread. “I inadvertently disseminated inaccurate information, and I extend my sincere apologies,” they stated.

Misty further explained in the game’s Discord server that while grinders don’t hinder the progress bar, they also don’t contribute to it. Therefore, it appears to be a relatively neutral activity, despite the ongoing war on multiple fronts where additional assistance would be greatly appreciated.

The mechanics behind the progress bars remain somewhat ambiguous, possibly managed by developers behind the scenes or incrementing statically while players strive to keep pace. Planets under invasion feature prominent timers that count down, and the faction with greater progress ultimately retains control of the planet. Regardless, don’t forget to contact your local Democracy Officer to enlist now, join the Malevelon Creek defenses, and halt the Automaton onslaught.

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