Helldivers 2 currencies explained

Although Helldivers 2 embodies a comprehensive game-as-a-service model, encompassing both its merits and drawbacks, players were pleasantly surprised to find it devoid of pay-to-win mechanics. However, the game presents a challenge with at least four unique currencies to manage.

Actually, depending on your perspective, Helldivers 2 features either four or six distinct currencies/resources to gather. The positive aspect is that you can amass a significant amount of them through regular gameplay, making it feasible to acquire the Premium Warbond (battle pass) without spending money. To effectively navigate the in-game store, understanding the distinctions between Requisition Slips and Medals is crucial.

All currencies in Helldivers 2

Even if you’re just starting your journey as a democratic Helldiver in Helldivers 2, you’ll quickly discern four different resources and/or currencies:

  • Requisition Slips
  • Medals
  • Super Credits
  • Samples

The first three currencies seem to be staples of the economy that will remain consistent as the Helldivers 2 community progresses through the meta-campaign mode. However, Samples have two additional variations depending on mission difficulty. More on that later.

Helldivers 2: Requisition Slips explained

The most basic resource in Helldivers 2 is Requisition Slips. These are earned for various in-game activities, primarily completing objectives, missions, and community-wide Major Orders. Requisition Slips are solely used to purchase new Stratagems, although even mid-game Stratagems quickly become expensive. Efficiently completing objectives is necessary to keep up with your Slip requirements.

Helldivers 2: Medals explained

Medals are more intriguing than Requisition Slips, as they are used to unlock items in your Warbond and Premium Warbond interfaces. Medals are the exclusive means to unlock usable gear in Helldivers 2. There’s no unlock tree or XP system to manage; failing to spend Medals on new gear via the Warbond will leave you with basic equipment.

The entire game revolves around this battle pass system, but the upside is that Medals are readily available. Not only are Medals awarded for completing objectives, but they can also be found hidden in missions. It’s common to finish a mission and extract with a substantial number of Medals.

Helldivers 2: Super Credits explained

Super Credits serve as Helldivers 2’s “premium currency,” purchasable with real money. They can only be used to buy the Premium Warbond and rotating sets of Helldiver armor in the real-money shop. No gadgets, weapons, or Stratagems are currently available for purchase with Super Credits.

Super Credits can also be found in missions, typically in closed-off bunkers or hidden behind friendship doors. Each stack yields 10 Super Credits, and there’s a random number of stacks in any deployment.

Helldivers 2: Samples explained

Lastly, there are Samples, which come in three distinct types:

  • Green Samples – found in early-game deployments, level 1 missions and above
  • Orange Samples – found in mid-game deployments, level 4 missions and above
  • Purple Samples – found in late-game deployments, level 7 and above

Samples are used to upgrade your battlecruiser vessel and improve various categories of Stratagems. Unlike other resources, Samples are not added to your inventory upon pickup. Instead, they’re scattered randomly around levels, typically near points of interest, and dropped if you die.

The benefit is that any Samples collected during a mission are distributed team-wide. If you die and drop Samples, your fellow Helldivers can pick them up for you. As long as one Helldiver extracts the Samples, the entire team receives them.

Arrowhead Studios may introduce more resources as Helldivers 2 continues its game-as-a-service model, but for now, this covers everything. Stockpile those Medals and get ready to dive into action!

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