GTA 6 Fans Have Specific Suggestion For Jason

Even though the Grand Theft Auto 6 release date is probably more than a year away, fans of the game are eagerly discussing it on social media, expressing everything from excitement to concerns and suggestions.

A recent post on the GTA 6 Reddit page from Feb. 26 proposed an interesting idea for the highly anticipated 2025 title, suggesting that the two protagonists should feel distinct to play as, stating that “having Jason and Lucia play differently would be really cool.”

“Rockstar did an incredible job with the three playable protagonists system in GTA 5,” the Redditor commented. “The ability to switch characters seamlessly was fantastic, and the game wouldn’t have been the same without it. However, I do have some issues with the system, which I believe GTA 6 could address.”

While GTA 5 introduced the switch to multiple protagonists in modern games, previous mainline entries featured only one protagonist, such as Niko in GTA 4, Carl in GTA: San Andreas, and Tommy in GTA: Vice City.

In GTA 6, leaks suggest there are two protagonists named Jason and Lucia, who were seen collaborating as potential romantic interests in the reveal trailer from December 2023.

“One criticism of GTA 5’s three protagonists is that they feel too similar to play as,” the Redditor noted. “While they each have their own special abilities, they don’t significantly impact gameplay. I believe it would be fascinating if Jason and Lucia played differently.”

In GTA 5, Michael could enter bullet time, Franklin’s ability helped him slow down time while driving, and Trevor’s rage-like mode made him nearly invincible while dealing more damage. This serves as a basis for potential improvements in GTA 6.

Other fans in the discussion agreed with this notion and suggested gameplay ideas, such as Jason “having movement and combat similar to Arthur Morgan, fighting like a brawler by utilizing his strength,” while Lucia “could fight akin to Niko, having received defense training in the past.”

While there may be constraints to maintain uniform gameplay, Rockstar Games could explore creative ways to ensure that the duo feels distinct from each other.

We may learn more about GTA 6‘s gameplay later this year ahead of its planned 2025 release.

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