Grimoires Era | How to get spins (easily)

Alright, fellow gamers, listen up because in the world of Grimoires Era, spins are the name of the game. I’ve been on a quest to snag Aura, Grimoires, and Race Resets, and you bet I’ve got some tricks up my sleeve to share. Get ready to up your spin game with the best Grimoires in the biz!

Best ways to get more spins in Grimoires Era

So, here’s the lowdown on ramping up those spins. Some methods require a bit of yen hustle, while others are a breeze. To cut down on the grind, arm yourself with top-notch Grimoires Era accessories before diving into quests – trust me on this one.

Collect daily rewards

Join the Game Funzy Roblox group first, then keep your eyes peeled for that enticing ‘Daily Rewards’ circle. Step into it, and voila! Freebies galore, including those precious Grimoires spins.

Jump into AFK Zone

Lazy gaming, anyone? The AFK Zone is your haven, dishing out two spins every 10 minutes. Simply hit that AFK Zone button in the bottom right-hand corner, and watch the spins roll in. Just don’t bail to the menu or face the reset if you get too cozy.

Buy spins from Jack

Meet Jack, your spin dealer extraordinaire. Find him near the spawn point, and for a hefty 50,000 Yen, he’ll hook you up with 10 spins. It’s a splurge, but once you’re slaying tougher enemies, that loot will have you rolling in Yen.

Buy spins using Robux

In desperate times, Robux might be your savior. Head to the Grimoire Tower, cozy up to the Grimoire Dealer, and hit those buttons at the bottom of the Spins window. A bit costly, but hey, hard times call for hard measures.

Use codes

Short on yen? No problemo! Dive into the world of codes. Snag those free spins and awesome rewards by checking the Codes article daily. Stay updated and redeem those codes pronto!

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