Grimoires Era | Get a Grimoire (easily)

Navigating the realm of Grimoires Era in Roblox can be a bit like wandering through a maze blindfolded. No in-game map to guide you? No problem. I’ve been there, done that, and I’ve got the insider scoop on snagging those elusive Grimoires. Let’s embark on this quest together!

Where to find Grimoires in Grimoires Era – Roblox

No need to wait for a certain level – you can dive into the Grimoire action right from the get-go. But hey, before you set off on your mystical treasure hunt, why not cash in on some Grimoires Era codes? Boost your chances of scoring the crème de la crème Grimoire, my friend.

Once you’ve spawned into this magical realm, hit up that Track Quest button on the left (1). Let the navigation arrow be your guiding light. It’ll lead you to the first Quest Giver, chilling by the ”BANDITS” sign. Now, resist the urge to buddy up with the Quest Giver. Instead, take a detour, follow the dirt road (2) to the right, and hang a left at the wooden abode.

Oh, and quick tip – check out the Grimoires Era Trello & Discord link for some extra wizardry knowledge.

Pass through the mystical tree gate (3) and stick to the straight and narrow dirt road. Left turn, right turn, cross a couple of charming bridges – keep on truckin’ until you spot the Grimoire Tower (4). Time to ascend! Scale the spiral staircase, have a chat with the Grimoire Dealer, and hit that ”X left” button. Activate the Grimoire Spin and watch the magic unfold as you score your very own Grimoire.

All Grimoires in Grimoires Era

Now, let’s check out the enchanting lineup:

  • Common (60% roll chance): Regen, Reinforcement
  • Uncommon (23% roll chance): Bronze
  • Rare (12% roll chance): Fire, Water
  • Epic (4% roll chance): Dark
  • Legendary (0.9%): Wind
  • Mythical (0.9% roll chance): Anti Magic

Leveling up brings you the key to unlocking all five Grimoire slots. That means more magical firepower for your battles.

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