Granblue Fantasy: Relink | Best Build for Narmaya

Alright, fellow gamers, let’s dive into the world of Granblue Fantasy: Relink and talk about unlocking one of the coolest characters early on – Narmaya. This sword-wielding dynamo is a jack of all trades, shifting gears to fit any situation. Whether you’re craving massive critical hits or aiming to be a rock-solid tank, Narmaya’s got the skills and the style. So, buckle up as we explore how to build her for maximum impact!

How To Build Narmaya in Granblue Fantasy: Relink

In this game, you’ve got the freedom to mold your characters the way you want, and Narmaya is no exception. We’ve tinkered with two builds that suit her like a glove – a damage-dealing powerhouse and a sturdy tank. Why pick one when you can have the best of both worlds, right? Let’s dive into the details.

DPS Build

Picture this: a build packed with damage potential, sweet critical hits, and even some cooldown reductions to spice things up. The star of the show? The weapon of choice – Venustas, unlocked when you venture into Very Hard quests. It may not have the flashiest traits, but that flat attack increase is just what the doctor ordered.

Now, let’s talk skills and sigils. Narmaya may not have a laundry list of abilities, but she’s got enough to make this DPS build shine. Equip her with Kyokasuigetsu, Crescent Moon, Transient, and Dance of Pink Petals for that deadly combo. And for the sigils? Go for Critical Damage, Critical Hit Rate, Tyranny, Attack Power, Quick Charge, and Stun Power. Trust me, these will make Narmaya a whirlwind of destruction, especially in Flutterfly’s stance.

Tank Build

Surprise, surprise! Narmaya isn’t just about dishing out damage; she can tank like a champ, especially in those boss fights. Swap out your skills for Apex of Nothingness, Utter Devotion, Dance of Blue Petals, and Setsuna. It’s a defensive lineup, and your damage output? That’s where the stance-switching combo comes into play.

Hold up, though. We’re not done. Your weapon of choice for this tanking adventure is the Nakamaki Nodachi, Narmaya’s starter weapon. It’s got that sweet HP boost you need to toughen her up. And for sigils? Grab Aegis, Garrison, Firm Stance, Nimble Defense, Drain, and Regen. Leeching HP during Flutterfly’s rapid attacks? Yes, please!

I get it – the DPS build might sound more exciting, but the tank build has its moments, especially in those intense boss battles. Use it wisely, maybe in co-op, where being a versatile hero can save the day.

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