Genshin Impact Player Finds Powerful Weapon in New Chenyu Vale Area

A Genshin Impact player stumbled upon a five-star weapon while exploring the Chenyu Vale subregion, newly added in the latest update. With each new version, the world of Teyvat continues to expand, and version 4.4 has finally unveiled the much-anticipated new area.

Initially referenced in Genshin Impact version 2.6, this region sparked numerous theories among Travelers about its appearance. Besides the new region, the current update also introduced two new characters from Liyue, Xianyun and Gaming.

Reddit user Proxima_02 shared a captivating in-game screenshot showcasing a well-known weapon they found while exploring the Chenyu Vale subregion in Liyue. The weapon, named the five-star polearm Calamity Queller, has been part of the game for over two years since its debut in version 2.4 as the signature weapon for the Cryo user Shenhe. The inscription displayed in the screenshot reveals the polearm’s significant role in averting calamity, narrating the tale of its last user, a friend of the speaker, who chose to fulfill the spear’s destiny and prevent disaster.

This discovery garnered significant attention within the community, with fans praising HoYoverse’s approach to world design. Some even suggested that the game should occasionally allow players to find powerful weapons during exploration, enhancing the overall experience. However, such occurrences are highly unlikely in the future, considering that Genshin Impact’s Weapon Banner serves as one of the game’s primary revenue streams.

Several comments noted that this isn’t the first time the game has featured one of its weapons in the overworld. The renowned Wolf’s Gravestone claymore can also be spotted in the arena where the Wolf of the North Challenge takes place, allowing players to confront Genshin Impact’s Andrius, also known as Lupus Boreas.

Which Characters Can Use Calamity Queller?

As a signature five-star weapon, this polearm is most effective when wielded by the five-star Cryo user Shenhe, as its passive ability grants a significant Elemental Damage boost. Additionally, the weapon’s passive feature, Consummation, increases ATK by 3.2% per second for up to six times after using an Elemental Skill. This versatile polearm can benefit almost any offensive character whose abilities scale with the ATK stat, including Xiao, Raiden Shogun, and even Zhongli.

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