Genshin Impact | Best weapons for Gaming

Gaming is a well-known character from Liyue in Genshin Impact. The four-star Fire character wields heavy weapons, making him a formidable force in Teyvat.

Acquiring desired characters in Genshin can demand patience, but investing time and effort into building them up is essential.

To maximize Gaming’s potential, you need to assemble the strongest team, level him up, Ascend him to level 90, equip him with the best artifacts, and provide him with the top-tier Claymore. This guide focuses on the latter.

Genshin Impact: Best Claymores for Gaming

Critical damage, chance, and Elemental Mastery are crucial stats for Gaming, as he excels at triggering Pyro reactions like Vaporize or Melt. His attacks are perfectly timed for these reactions, making him a formidable option even among five-star characters. Here are the Claymores that enhance his threat level:

1) Beacon of the Reed Sea: The ultimate weapon

This Legendary weapon is perfect for Gaming, offering a valuable Crit Rate bonus. Additionally, it provides an Attack bonus when Gaming utilizes an Elemental Skill or receives damage. It significantly boosts Gaming’s performance on the battlefield. However, acquiring The Beacon of the Reed Sea is challenging as it’s only available through Wishes and hasn’t appeared in banners since March 2023.

2) Serpent Spine: The best Epic Claymore

Serpent Spine also provides a crucial Crit Rate boost for Gaming. He gains a flat damage bonus that can stack up to five times, making it a strong choice for him. This Epic Claymore is more accessible for Gaming players as it was a reward for a battle pass and can be obtained from Wishes on the permanent banner.

3) Mailed Flower: For Windblume Breath players

Players who completed the Windblume Breath event can utilize the Mailed Flower, especially when refined to level five. It offers a significant Elemental Mastery boost for Gaming and provides additional Attack. Triggering Elemental Reactions further enhances these stats, aligning perfectly with Gaming’s strengths.

4) Prototype Archaic: Free-to-play option

While not the best weapon for Gaming, Prototype Archaic serves as the best free-to-play alternative. It offers Attack bonuses that enhance his damage output. Gaming gains an Attack bonus every 15 seconds, making it a viable option for players without access to premium Claymores.

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