Frieren: Who Are Richter & Laufen?

Richter, a Second-Class Mage, is a key member of Denken’s 13th Group in the captivating world of Frieren: Beyond Journey’s End. While his backstory remains largely undisclosed, Richter’s character is characterized by his unwavering loyalty to Denken, a skilled mage known for his scheming personality.

Richter: A Loyal Second-Class Mage with Earth Magic Expertise

  • Personality: Richter is depicted as a quiet and composed individual. His minimalistic dialogue hints at a reserved nature, and his close association with Denken suggests a strong camaraderie. Despite Denken’s strategic mindset, Richter respects and supports him wholeheartedly.
  • Magic: Richter’s primary magical expertise lies in earth magic. His signature spell, “Earth Control Magic: Balgrant,” allows him to manipulate the earth for both offensive and defensive purposes. While excelling in defensive magic, Richter’s versatile skill set is further demonstrated by his proficiency in an unnamed repair spell.
  • Role: As a vital member of Denken’s group, Richter plays a significant role in pivotal moments, yet much of his character development and backstory remain undisclosed. Fans can anticipate further revelations in the ongoing anime adaptation or explore Richter’s journey in the manga.

Laufen: The Fleet-Footed Third-Class Mage


Laufen, the sole female member of Denken’s team, is a Third-Class Mage known for her exceptional speed. Her character stands in contrast to Denken’s calculated approach, showcasing a more open and caring personality.

  • Personality: Laufen’s demeanor is marked by a caring nature, as seen when she suggests tending to the bodies of fallen mages. While Denken adopts a rational stance, Laufen’s compassion shines through. Her character exudes openness and a willingness to care for others.
  • Abilities: Laufen’s remarkable speed is her defining trait, and she can utilize mana to enhance her already swift movements. Her name, meaning “running” in German, aligns with her exceptional speed. Laufen’s combat skills hint at possible martial arts training, contributing to her well-rounded abilities.
  • Magic – Jilwer: Laufen’s proficiency in the folk spell known as Jilwer sets her apart. Hailing from a southern mountain tribe, Jilwer empowers Laufen to achieve unparalleled speeds. Despite initial skepticism from Denken, Laufen proves herself as a skilled mage, bridging the gap between her Third-Class status and powerful Second-Class Mages.
  • Role: While Laufen’s backstory remains largely unexplored, her unique abilities and compassionate nature make her an intriguing character. Fans can eagerly await further revelations in the unfolding narrative of Frieren: Beyond Journey’s End.

As the anime adaptation progresses and the manga continues, Richter and Laufen’s stories are poised to unfold, adding depth and intrigue to the expansive world of Frieren.

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