Free Lethal Company Alternatives You Can Try

Alright, gaming aficionados! Lethal Company dropped like a bomb in the gaming scene during Early Access. If your wallet’s on a diet, no worries! I’ve got the lowdown on some gratis gems that share the vibe with Lethal Company.

Free-to-Play Games Similar to Lethal Company

Here’s my personal lineup of freebies that dance in the same gaming league as Lethal Company.

SCP: Secret Laboratory on Steam

Now, if you’re itching for that SCP thrill, SCP: Secret Laboratory on Steam is where it’s at. Despite Lethal Company muscling in on their turf, the SCP community is still going strong. Dive in, round up your pals, and give it a whirl for an hour or two. But hey, no hand-holding here – it’s survival of the fittest!

SCP Containment Breach Multiplayer on Steam

Steam’s got your back with SCP Containment Breach Multiplayer, and the best part? It’s on the house. A small but tight-knit community keeps the SCP vibes alive. If you’ve tangled with SCPs before, you’ll notice some familiar powers, kinda like Lethal Company’s monsters. And hey, it won’t hog your PC – minimal system requirements, baby!

Just for kicks, here are the playable SCPs in this game:

  • SCP-049
  • SCP-049-2
  • SCP-096
  • SCP-106
  • SCP-173
  • SCP-939
  • SCP-860-2
  • SCP-035
  • SCP-966

Roblox Knock-off Clones

Now, I’ve wandered into the Roblox realm, sussing out Lethal Company doppelgängers. Guess what? “Deadly Company” stands tall as the cream of the crop. It’s a solid replica within Roblox, playable, and packing a decent player base. If you’ve caught wind of Zeekerss over at Prima Games, you know this dev’s got the knack for crafting horror Experiences in Roblox.

The Backrooms World Free Demo

Riding the wave of horror trends, the “Backrooms” theme is making waves post-Slenderman and SCP era. Head over to Steam for a free demo. Just a heads up – it’s still a demo, so don’t expect the full shebang.

And if horror’s your jam, peek at the Horror Game Awards 2023 winners for more spine-chilling adventures.

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