Fortnite Update Available screen: What to do

When a new Fortnite update is released, you must download it before playing the game. Occasionally, players can still launch the game before installing the patch, triggering the Update Available screen.

When the Update Available screen appears in Fortnite, the message prompts you to “Please restart Fortnite to download the latest patch.” Although this message indicates the need for an update, I encountered confusion when there were no patches available after exiting Fortnite.

Here’s what you should do when encountering the Update Available screen in Fortnite.

How to resolve the “Update is required to continue” error in Fortnite

If you encounter the Update Available screen in Fortnite, start by restarting your game. Typically, a pending patch awaits installation, and everything should return to normal after downloading and installing it.

Alternatively, you may not have received the latest update yet. In such cases, wait for it to become available, as there can be delays during global content releases.

How to restart Fortnite on Xbox

To restart Fortnite on Xbox and download any pending updates, follow these steps:

  • Press the Xbox button and navigate to the Home screen.
  • Select Fortnite and press the Menu button on your controller.
  • Choose Quit.
  • After exiting Fortnite, relaunch the game.

How to restart Fortnite on PS5 and PS4

Restarting Fortnite on PS5 and PS4 is straightforward with these steps:

  • Hold down the PS button on your controller.
  • On PS5, click the Options button and navigate to Fortnite’s icon.
  • Click Fortnite and select Close Game.
  • On PS4, choose Fortnite after holding down the PS button and select Close Application.
  • After successfully exiting the game, relaunch Fortnite.

How to restart Fortnite on PC

Quickly restart Fortnite on PC by pressing Alt + F4 on your keyboard. This combination instantly closes Fortnite, allowing you to relaunch it from the Epic Games Launcher.

How to update Fortnite on PS5 and Xbox

After exiting Fortnite, the game should update automatically on PS5 and Xbox. When you attempt to relaunch Fortnite, an update will likely begin installing automatically. If not, try rebooting your router to troubleshoot your home network.

The Update Available screen may also appear due to Fortnite server outages, preventing players from receiving the latest updates. In such cases, waiting is the only option, and the downtime shouldn’t be prolonged.

During server outages, various Fortnite error codes may occur, including the game unavailable error. While these errors may seem concerning, they typically resolve themselves once the servers are operational again.

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