Fortnite: How To Get And Use The Cardboard Box

Fortnite continues to surprise players with fresh content, and in one exciting update, Epic Games introduced an iconic item from the Metal Gear Solid series – the infamous Cardboard Box. Longtime fans familiar with prop items like bushes and snowmen will appreciate this new hiding spot scattered across the map.

Where To Find The Cardboard Box

The Cardboard Box, a Mythic quality item offering stealth from opponents, can be found as standard loot in Fortnite. It appears on the ground, in chests, and other randomized loot drops, making it relatively common compared to other Metal Gear-inspired items.

For guaranteed spawns, head to major Points of Interest (POIs) and explore chests and buildings, where you’re likely to discover a stack of Cardboard Boxes. Additionally, you can purchase a Cardboard Box from Solid Snake on the northernmost island of the map. Look for him around a fire pit, where he sells this stealthy item for 100 Gold.

How To Use The Cardboard Box

To don the Cardboard Box disguise, throw it at your feet. Your character will hide underneath, with their feet sticking out. Toggle the crouch button to stay in place, appearing as a seemingly innocuous Box.

Exiting the Box leaves it in place, mimicking your crouched position. Create decoy boxes by throwing them away from your location, confusing enemies as they try to discern your hiding spot. Seize the opportunity to launch a surprise attack amid their uncertainty.

Embrace the stealth of the Cardboard Box, and let the strategic mind games unfold in your Fortnite adventures!

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