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Many Fortnite enthusiasts cherish Driftboards, and they’re making a comeback in Chapter 5 Season 1, courtesy of the TMNT event. These Driftboards, named TMNT Driftboards, stand out with their green color and tie-in with the Ninja Turtles event. It’s been a while since we’ve seen them, so let’s explore where you can find these Driftboards in Fortnite.

All TMNT Driftboard Locations in Fortnite

You won’t find Driftboards guaranteed in any specific location. However, there are specific spots where they tend to spawn. Keep in mind that these spawn locations can vary from game to game.

Ritzy Riviera

Ritzy Riviera offers two potential spawn points for TMNT Driftboards. One is near the sea, close to where the boats are docked. The second spot is just in front of the armored building housing the Legion Heavy Elite.

Pleasant Piazza

In Pleasant Piazza, you’ll find two spawn points for TMNT Driftboards. One is adjacent to the two small buildings where the Reboot Van is situated, while the other is across the road, behind the Reboot Van.

Snooty Steppes

At the Snooty Steppes, near the Peter Griffin boss location, you’ll discover a single Hoverboard.

Fencing Fields

Fencing Fields, known for intense combat, boasts two TMNT Driftboards. One is by the fountain, while the other is at the grassy entrance.

Hazy Hillside

Hazy Hillside offers two spawn points for TMNT Driftboards. One is in front of the Legion Heavy Elite building, and the other is at the opposite corner.

Reckless Railways

Reckless Railways provides ample opportunity, with four TMNT Driftboard spawn points. You can find them in various locations, including the large ornamental pool outside Valeria’s building, entrances to Grand Station, and the snowy side of the POI’s parking lot.

Grand Glacier

In Grand Glacier, check behind Montague’s building and in the “L” shaped building by the sea for Driftboards.

Classy Courts

Classy Courts hosts two TMNT Driftboard spawns in its parking lot section, making them easy to locate in this small POI.

Lavish Lair

At Lavish Lair, another boss location, you’ll find two TMNT Driftboards located side by side near the Reboot Van.

Rebel’s Roost

Lastly, at Rebel’s Roost, you’ll find the TMNT Hoverboard right in front of the Reboot Van.

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