Foamstars | How to unlock Mel T

Mel T is the first seasonal unlockable character in Foamstars. While other characters have specific in-game unlock requirements, Mel T can be obtained in two ways.

Foamstars: How to get Mel T

Mel T is the unlockable character for Foamstars Season 1, also known as Foamstars Starry Pop. There are two methods to unlock Mel T in Foamstars. The first option is to purchase the Premium Pass, which instantly unlocks her. The second option is to reach Tier 31 on the Free Pass, accessible to all players.

Although not confirmed, it is likely that seasonal characters in Foamstars can be obtained even after the season ends by purchasing them in the shop or completing challenges. Confirmation is awaited.

How to earn XP and gain Tiers in Foamstars

For those choosing the Free Pass route, understanding how to farm XP and climb Tiers quickly is essential. XP in Foamstars is earned by playing and winning matches, completing missions, and finishing Weekly, Events, and Anytime Challenges.

Accumulating more XP unlocks additional Tiers. Reaching Tier 31 is crucial to unlocking Mel T on the Free Pass. Increasing Tiers provides Premium Pass rewards for owners and Free Pass rewards for all players.

Keep in mind that each Foamstars Season lasts for five weeks, and Season Pass progress does not carry forward to future Seasons if not completed. Focus on grinding XP to attain all Starry Pop rewards.

If Mel T has sparked your interest in Foamstars’ future, explore the Foamstars 2024 roadmap for upcoming seasons and exciting content updates.

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