Fastest ground mounts in Palworld and how to get them

In the realm of Palworld, speed is paramount, and selecting a swift Pal from the following list ensures that you make the most of your time.

Fastest Ground Mounts in Palworld, Ranked

The speedsters of the land mounts in Palworld are as follows:

  1. Pyrin/Pyrin Noct: The Speed Demons
  2. Rayhound: A Swift Upgrade
  3. Fenglope: Embracing the Thrill
  4. Univolt: Your Early-Game Companion
  5. Direhowl: Roaming Speedster
  6. Eikthyrdeer: Graceful Galloper
  7. Reindrix: The Swift Stag
  8. Melpaca: Starting with Speed

Best Land Mount in Palworld: Pyrin and Pyrin Noct

– Location: (-560, -245)

– Easier to acquire than other late-game mounts.

Pyrin Noct slightly outpaces Pyrin in speed. Both can be found on Mount Obsidian, situated far to the west. The Noct version only emerges during the night. While not the rarest mount, Pyrin surpasses many late-game counterparts in speed, rivaling even the fleet-footed Frostallion. As you approach the endgame, capturing a Pyrin is a wise choice for swift traversal across Palworld.

2) Rayhound

– Location: (353, 348)

Venture far northeast into the Desert during the late game to capture Rayhound, a mount just slightly slower than Pyrin. If you appreciated Direhowl’s rapid pace in the early stages, Rayhound is the perfect upgrade, matching its speed while offering a similar aesthetic, making it a top choice as you progress.

3) Fenglope

– Location: (-478, -741)

– Hard to find and catch

– Great leaping animation

Although Fenglope may not claim the top spot in speed among ground mounts, its galloping animation gives off the illusion of floating, providing a thrilling ride. Slower than Rayhound or Pyrin, Fenglope’s location south of Mount Obsidian is challenging to find, and capturing it proves to be an even greater challenge. Opt for Fenglope if you prioritize the exhilaration of swift movement over raw speed.

Fastest Early-Game Ground Mount in Palworld

– Univolt’s Location: (-478, -741)

– Easy to find and catch.

– Offers good traversal and overall speed.

Univolt emerges as the superior choice for those in the early stages of the game. Boasting not only a commendable speed but also a solid jump animation, Univolt facilitates map traversal more efficiently than, for instance, a Direhowl. It serves as an excellent land mount and a convenient means to gather Leather, Horns, and Electric Organs.

Where to Find Other Fast Land Mounts

  • Direhowl: (-67, -425)
  • Eikthyrdeer: (181, -389)
  • Reindrix: (-138, -133)
  • Melpaca: (144, -466)

If you prefer to soar through the skies at high speeds, explore the realm of the fastest flying mounts in Palworld.

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