Enshrouded: Where To Get Sand

In the mystical world of Enshrouded, uncovering essential resources like Sand can significantly enhance your crafting endeavors. To aid you on your quest, we’ve compiled a guide on where to find Sand, an invaluable material for various crafting recipes.

Where To Find Sand

Kindlewastes: The Desert Biome

Kindlewastes Ancient Spire Sand Location

Sand, a crucial crafting material, is exclusively located in the Kindlewastes, the fifth and final biome in Enshrouded. Accessing this area requires upgrading your Flame Altar to level 4. Beware of unpassable red Shroud areas blocking the passage; upgrading the Flame Altar is the key to unveiling the Kindlewastes. Once inside, use your Pickaxe on any sandy area to harvest Sand efficiently.

Journey to the Kindlewastes

To reach the Kindlewastes, follow these steps:

  1. Complete Previous Biomes: Progress through each biome in order, starting with Revelwood and then Nomad Highlands. Fulfill quests in each biome to advance.
  2. Upgrade Flame Altar: Upgrade your Flame Altar to level 4 to unlock access to the Kindlewastes.
  3. Enter the Kindlewastes: Once prerequisites are met, venture into the Kindlewastes – a sprawling desert rich in Sand for crafting recipes.

Crafting Possibilities

Sand holds significance in various crafting recipes, particularly with Alchemists, Carpenters, and Blacksmiths. Its applications extend beyond mere functionality, adding decorative elements like crafting glass windows.

Mining Sand

Once in the Kindlewastes, mining Sand is a straightforward process. Simply locate any sandy area and use your Pickaxe to gather Sand. Stock up on this essential resource before returning to your home base.

Start on your journey through Enshrouded, armed with the knowledge of Sand’s elusive location. May your crafting endeavors be fruitful, and may the Kindlewastes reveal its secrets to you!

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