Enshrouded | Where to find the Blue Goblet Tavern

Enshrouded offers numerous potential base locations, but few come as fully furnished and beneficial as the Blue Goblet Tavern. If you’re interested in a ready-made home with added perks, this tavern is worth knowing about.

What is the Blue Goblet Tavern in Enshrouded?

Unlike most spots in Enshrouded, the Blue Goblet Tavern exudes coziness. It’s not marked on maps or tied to any quests, making it somewhat of a hidden gem. Moreover, you can establish a Fleme around or within the Tavern, making it your personal space.

Living here not only provides one of the finest residences in the game but also grants a significant 25 Comfort buff.

Where to find the Blue Goblet Tavern in Enshrouded

Finding the Blue Goblet Tavern is relatively straightforward. You’ll need Altar level two and access to the Ancient Spire – Revelwood Fast Travel point. Once you have these, teleport to the Fast Travel point and head west (slightly northwest) into the forested area.

A distinct path leads uphill from there. Follow this path, and you’ll arrive at the tavern, a conspicuous structure in the wilderness that’s hard to miss.

What is special about the Blue Goblet Tavern in Enshrouded?

Did I mention the cozy ambiance of this tavern? Setting up a Flame Altar instantly transforms it into one of the most inviting locations in the game. Featuring a grand fireplace, ample seating, beds, bookshelves, and various decorations, it’s a wonder this place isn’t bustling with activity.

Moreover, exploring the basement and rooms reveals several chests, including a silver one on the roof (accessible with a grappling hook). Despite some basement rats and skeletal remains, this spot ranks high among my favorites in the game.

While you could build something similar yourself, for those uninterested in construction, like myself, the Blue Goblet Tavern is perfect.

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