Enshrouded: How to Upgrade Backpack

In the vast world of Enshrouded, where resources abound and adventures unfold, players often find themselves grappling with the challenge of limited inventory space. Navigating this issue is crucial for an uninterrupted journey, and fortunately, there are strategies to alleviate this common woe.

Upgrading the Backpack in Enshrouded

Before embarking on the quest to upgrade your backpack, a more immediate task awaits: the rescue of the Hunter NPC, Athalan Skree, from her perpetual slumber. Following the liberation of the Blacksmith and the completion of his quests, players will receive a mission to ascend the Ancient Spires.

Climbing these ancient structures not only unveils additional points of interest across the world but also reveals the whereabouts of the Hunter and more. Locate her resting place, awaken her, and summon her back to the base. This unlocks access to both the Hunter’s quests and her crafting prowess.

A glance at her diverse recipes indicates the need for specific ingredients crucial to crafting her unique items. Items like Animal Fur, Torn Cloth, Dried Fur, Linen, and String are essential. While familiar with most, obtaining Dried Fur, especially early on, poses a challenge and requires the use of the Drying Rack along with Salt.

Upon completing the Hunter’s quest and securing a source of Salt, introduce it to the Drying Rack to produce the coveted Dried Fur. With this accomplished, crafting the following backpack upgrades becomes possible:

  • Small Backpack: Torn Cloth x 3, Dried Fur x 4, String x 5
  • Medium Backpack: Dried Fur x 6, Linen x 6

After producing these upgraded backpacks, equip them via the Character screen to revel in the expanded inventory space. Bid farewell to the need for frequent Fast Travel trips back to base, as you now have the freedom to embark on resource-gathering expeditions with unparalleled convenience. Enshrouded awaits your exploration, equipped with a backpack ready for the challenges that lie ahead.

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