Enshrouded: How to Get Workbench

Hey fellow Flameborns, ready to start a journey to reclaim joy from the clutches of the sinister Shroud in Embervale? Well, put on your gaming shoes because Enshrouded is where the action’s at!

How to Craft a Workbench in Enshrouded

In this land plagued by creepy creatures and evil bosses, having the right tools and weapons is your key to survival. And guess what? Crafting is your ticket to arming up. Today, let’s talk about crafting the holy grail of crafting – the workbench.

As you waltz through the game, you’ll stumble upon recipes that scream for a workbench. Imagine it as your crafting haven – where dreams of powerful weapons and tools come to life. Heck, you can even fix up your battle-scarred gear there!

What You Need:

  • 3 x Strings
  • 8 x Wood Logs

Strings, my friends, are a piece of cake. Craft them using plant fibers – just stroll up to some shrubs, do your thing, and voila! Three plant fibers make one string. Now, onto wood logs. Fire up that axe, chop down some trees, and you might snag some resin too. Or, be a scavenger – loot broken wooden furniture for logs.

Once you’ve got the goods, dive into the Crafting Menu, hit the workbench recipe, and voila again! You’ve just crafted your ticket to crafting stardom. Check your inventory – there it is, your shiny new workbench.

Now comes the fun part – placing it near the Flame Altar. It’s like setting up your crafting sanctuary, but keep in mind, the workbench likes to stay close to home. Only around the Flame Altar, mind you.

And that’s it! With your trusty workbench, you’re on your way to crafting glory.

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