Enshrouded: How To Get The Mortar

Hey gamers! Ready for some Enshrouded action? Well, guess what, we’ve got a quest on our hands – The Alchemist’s Mortar. And trust me, this ain’t your usual fetch quest; it’s all about finding that magical mortar and getting crafty with our Alchemist buddy. Let’s roll!

The Alchemist’s Mortar Quest

So, the Alchemist has a laundry list of quests, from locating the Carpenter to brewing potions. But today, our mission is to snag that mortar for our Alchemist pal. Simple, right? The quest, aptly named The Alchemist’s Mortar, kicks off once you’re in the loop.

Once you’ve accepted the challenge, your map gets a nifty marker leading you to the Alchemist Tower in Lone Thistle. A bit of a trek, but we’re up for the challenge. Just make sure to pack your bags with all the essentials:

  • Food (Cooked meats for that HP boost)
  • Water
  • Bandages
  • Healing Potions
  • Melee and Ranged Weapons
  • Powder Balls

Now, armed with your backpack full of goodies, it’s time to embark on this adventure. Let the mortar hunt begin!

How To Find the Alchemist Tower

Navigate north from the Springlands Spire, aiming for the Farmer’s Vault. You’ll encounter some hairy situations, especially in the Shroud with enemies hovering around level 11. But hey, if you’re feeling bold, go for it!

Alternatively, take the ‘Back Route’ before the Farmer’s Vault. Sneak around to the back portion of Lone Thistle, facing fewer enemies. Whichever path you choose, keep an eye out for the Alchemist Tower – it’s hard to miss poking out above the Shroud. Our player marker sits proudly on top of the tower.

Sure, you might need to do a bit of parkour through broken walls if you take the back way. You might also have to deal with a stray enemy or two, but it beats the frontal assault. The Alchemist Tower sits majestically atop Lone Thistle, offering a temporary safe haven to catch your breath.

How To Find the Mortar

Now, the real prize is in the basement of the tower – the magical mortar. Head down the staircase on the first floor, and there it is, behind metal bars, waiting for you. But, uh-oh, we’ve got a locked door situation. Time to break out the Powder Balls!

With a well-aimed Powder Ball or two, you can smash through the stone around the gate and stroll right into the cell. No need to fumble around for buttons! But if you’re feeling old-school, finding the button is a piece of cake.

Breaking The Door To The Mortar

If you’re Powder Ball deficient, no worries! The button is a breeze to find. Head up to the second floor, climb the stairs to the third level, and voila! You’ll stumble upon a door frame with boards over it. Smash through, and you’ll find yourself on an outside platform with a juicy journal entry about the button’s peculiar placement.

And there it is, on the right side of the room – the button. Give it a tap, watch the cell door swing open, and boom, you’re back in the basement ready to snag that mortar. With the mortar in your loot bag, it’s time to head home, place it, and have a victory chat with the Alchemist to wrap up the quest.

Easy peasy, right? Now go forth, fellow gamers, and conquer the quest for the Alchemist’s Mortar in Enshrouded!

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