Enshrouded | How to get the Eternal Fireball spell

Eternal Spells are highly coveted in Enshrouded due to their convenience; they bypass charge limitations and remain usable as long as you have mana available. Among the eight available spells, the Eternal Fireball stands out as one of the most potent, boasting intense fiery capabilities.

Particularly useful in combat within Enshrouded, the Fireball spell offers formidable ranged damage and illuminates the surrounding area during exploration.

How to unlock the Eternal Fireball spell

To acquire the Fireball spell, you must first unlock the Eternal spell collection. In Enshrouded, this involves completing a specific quest and constructing the necessary tools. Unlocking Eternal Spells entails undertaking a quest assigned by the Alchemist, leading you to challenging areas inhabited by formidable foes, necessitating adequate preparation.

Upon completing the quest, Eternal Spells become accessible as Ammo recipes. Additionally, you must upgrade crafting stations to match the recipe levels, such as constructing a Laboratory. Crafting the Eternal Fireball spell becomes possible at level 17.

Recipe of Eternal Fireball spell

Here is the recipe required to craft the Eternal Fireball spell in Enshrouded.

Eternal Fireballx30 Charcoalx3 Bronze Barsx50 Amber

Gathering all the necessary resources will consume a considerable amount of time. To obtain Charcoal, acquire a Workbench from the Blacksmith and subsequently craft a Charcoal Kiln using stone, dirt, and wooden logs.

Here’s what you need to acquire 30 Charcoal:

Producing Bronze Bars also demands numerous ingredients. To obtain three bars, you’ll require 21 Copper Bars, nine Tin Bars, and a total of 30 Charcoal. Fortunately, this laborious process is a one-time affair. Once you craft the Eternal Spell, it becomes infinitely usable, allowing you to proceed to the next spell recipe.

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