Enshrouded: How To Get Strawberries

In the mysterious world of Enshrouded, the act of consuming food is optional, as there’s no hunger bar imposing negative effects if neglected. However, indulging in food can offer significant advantages for combat and exploration. Among the available food items, the humble strawberry stands out, providing valuable benefits. This guide unveils the secrets of finding strawberries in the wild and cultivating them at your base for a convenient and replenishing food source.

(Note: Enshrouded is currently in Early Access on Steam, and the content is subject to change. Regular updates to our articles will reflect any alterations.)

Where To Find Strawberries

Enshrouded Path to Revelwood Strawberries

Strawberries are scattered across Revelwood, an area characterized by large trees and dense forests. To locate strawberries, head to the Revelwood Ancient Spire, or if not unlocked, venture from the Springlands Ancient Spire. The provided map outlines a straightforward path from Springlands to an area abundant with strawberry bushes.

How To Farm Strawberries

Enshrouded Seedbed Crafting Menu
  1. Craft a Seedbed:
  • 10x Wood Logs
  • 2x Metal Scraps
  • 10x Farm Soil (crafted with 7 dirt and 3 bonemeal)
  1. Craft Strawberry Seedlings:
  • Place the seedbed in your base.
  • Obtain strawberries and visit the seedbed.
  • Select the recipes button to view available seedlings.
  • Create five strawberry seedlings using one strawberry.
  1. Growth and Harvest:
  • After ten minutes, collect five seedlings.
  • Plant the seedlings in your base.
  • After a period of growth, harvest the strawberries.

What Are The Benefits Of Strawberries?

Enshrouded Strawberry in Player Inventory

Strawberries offer health regeneration benefits:

  • Eating one strawberry provides three points to health regeneration for 30 seconds.
  • This surpasses the health regeneration provided by normal purple berries.

Keep in mind that you can’t simultaneously consume both strawberry and normal berry health regeneration buffs. Therefore, choosing strawberries is recommended for enhanced health benefits. Enjoy the sweet rewards of strawberries as you navigate the challenges of Enshrouded!

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