Enshrouded: How to Get Salt

In the harsh world of Keen Games’ Enshrouded, survival is no easy feat for Flameborns. As the last hope to bring about a new dawn, players must navigate an unforgiving landscape. To enhance your chances of survival, acquiring precious resources is vital for upgrading gear. This guide focuses on obtaining and using Salt in Enshrouded.

How to Get Salt in Enshrouded

1. Unlock Athalan Skree, the Hunter NPC:

  • Athalan Skree provides ranged gear options and upgraded backpacks for increased inventory space.
  • Locate her tower early in the game to benefit from her assistance. Athalan Skree the Hunter

2. Head to Egerton Salt Mines:

  • Unlocking Athalan Skree marks the location of the Egerton Salt Mines in a Shrouded area.
  • Travel northwest from the Ancient Spire fast travel point to reach the mines quickly.

3. Harvest Salt Nodes:

  • Brave the Shroud, gather as much Salt as possible from the mines.
  • Be mindful of the Shroud timer; exit before it expires to avoid hazards.
  • Nodes will respawn after a few in-game days or by exiting and reloading the game.

How to Use Salt in Enshrouded

1. Craft Dried Fur:

  • Use the gathered Salt to craft Dried Fur.
  • Craft a drying rack and combine Salt with Animal Fur to obtain Dried Fur. How to Use Salt in Enshrouded

2. Craft the Scout Armor Set:

  • Progress to crafting the Scout armor set using Dried Fur.
  • Enjoy enhanced protection and improved survivability in the wild.

Mastering the art of gathering and utilizing Salt in Enshrouded is key to fortifying your Flameborn against the challenges that lie ahead. May your journey be salted with success and resilience!

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