Enshrouded: How to Get Metal Sheets

So, you’ve plunged into the vast world of Enshrouded, battling it out with epic armor and weapons. Crafting, my friends, is the secret sauce to elevate your game. Now, crafting Metal Sheets might seem like a head-scratcher, especially for the rookies out there. But fret not, I’ve got your back with a guide on how to forge those shiny Metal Sheets and more!

Metal Sheets are the gold mine for crafting armor and shields, and the first step to unlock this crafting extravaganza is to awaken the Blacksmith. Find this crafting maestro tucked away in the Ancient Vault, and bam! Your crafting options just got a whole lot juicier.

Now, let’s get to the nitty-gritty of crafting Metal Sheets. It’s a two-step dance, my friends.

How to Craft Charcoal

Charcoal is the first star of our crafting show, and the recipe is a breeze. Just grab some Wood Logs from the trees and scoop up a bit of Dirt from the ground. With these in your backpack, swing by the Charcoal Kiln, give it a little interaction, and voila! Charcoal is served.

How to Obtain Metal Scraps

Next up, we’re chasing Metal Scraps, and they’re like little treasures waiting to be discovered. Hunt down enemies, especially those sneaky Scavengers, or go on a camp and building exploration spree. If you’re feeling a bit destructive, break some items holding that precious metal.

Now, here comes the grand finale – forging time! In your crafting menu, toss in two Charcoals and 2 Metal Scraps, and behold the birth of a glorious Metal Sheet. The crafting gods might take around 2 minutes for this masterpiece to cook up.

There you have it, fellow Enshrouded wanderers – the art of crafting Metal Sheets laid bare.

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