Enshrouded | How to get Glass

Glass is crucial for crafting in Enshrouded, aiding in creating stronger tools and defeating tougher enemies. To gather enough, you’ll need an efficient farming route because it’s not found in the wild. Instead, you must collect materials and craft it.

How to craft Glass in Enshrouded

Combine 30 Sand and five Charcoal in the Smelter to make Glass. It takes five minutes. Sand is found in the Kindlewastes zone, so access higher-level areas first. Charcoal is made from Stones, Wood, and Dirt.

You’ll need plenty because Charcoal is used in many endgame recipes. Ensure you have a substantial stock.

All recipes including Glass in Enshrouded

Discover Glass-related recipes as you approach endgame. It’s a versatile material, utilized in various recipes. Here’s a list of some:

Eternal Acid Bite20x Glass, 10x Charcoal, 30x Sulfur, 20x Ammonia Gland, 20x Poison Sack
Scientific Instruments10x Glass, 10x Bronze Bars, 5x Iron Bars, 20x Charcoal
Athanor10x Glass, 10x Bronze Bars, 5x Lump of Clay
Laboratory1x Scientific Instruments, 1x Anthanor, 40x Fired Brick, 10x Copper Bar, 3x Glass
Palm Wood Banquet Table14x Palm Wood Logs, 20x Lapislazuli, 4x Nails, 4x Resin, 10x Glass
Chandelier2x Iron Bars, 3x Charcoal, 2x Glass, 4x Luminous Growth, 4x Goo
Lantern4x Iron Bars, 4x Charcoal, 2x Glass, 2x Sandstone, 2x Luminous Growth
Wall Lantern1x Iron Bars, 2x Charcoal, 2x Glass, 2x Goo, 2x Luminous Growth
Iron Window Frame2x Iron Bars, 2x Charcoal, 2x Glass
Crystal Platter2x Glass, 1x Charcoal
Crystal Cup2x Glass, 1x Charcoal
Crystal Jug2x Glass, 1x Charcoal
Crystal Bowl2x Glass, 1x Charcoal
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