Enshrouded: How to complete Bridge Construction Report

Exploration plays a significant role in your journey through Enshrouded, and the Bridge Construction Report quest adds a touch of treasure hunting to your adventure.

You initiate the Bridge Construction Report quest when the Carpenter shares a valuable tip: he discloses the hiding spot of a treasure chest within a bridge and provides all the necessary instructions for you to retrieve it. While these instructions may initially seem straightforward, they can lead to confusion when you reach the bridge.

Steps to complete the Bridge Construction Report in Enshrouded

The Bridge Construction Report sidequest may easily elude your attention, yet it offers several valuable rewards along with experience points. Additionally, it’s a relatively quick task to accomplish, making it well worth your while. Here’s a step-by-step guide to follow:

  • Head to the Braelyn Bridge.
  • Simply follow the quest location cursor on the map.
  • Upon stepping onto the bridge, a notification will indicate that the location is below, hidden within the bridge’s foundations.
  • Directly jump towards the location prompt and glide to the ground, landing close to the pillar.
  • You’ll observe that the prompt is now positioned higher than your current location, which you can disregard.
  • Circumnavigate the closest pillar to the prompt (the one nearest to the Tower).
  • On the opposite side of the pillar, you’ll encounter rubble where the chest is concealed. Utilize your pickaxe to unearth the treasure hidden within.
    Upon discovering the treasure chest, you can claim your rewards, which may include random loot ranging from rare, epic, to legendary weapons, in addition to the completion XP for the sidequest.
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