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Swords wield considerable power as melee weapons in Enshrouded, aiding in survival amidst hostile environments and swiftly dispatching adversaries. Given the multitude of options available, determining the most effective ones can pose a challenge.

There exists a diverse array of melee weapons in Enshrouded, encompassing swords, axes, maces, and war hammers. Swords, renowned for their capacity to inflict cutting, piercing, and blunt damage, stand out as versatile and well-balanced weapons.

However, indiscriminate selection of swords won’t suffice, as adversaries possess varying resistances, necessitating strategic preparation tailored to encountered foes. Additionally, customization of your character’s build, including weaponry, to align with your class is imperative.

With these considerations in mind, let’s explore the top-ranked swords in Enshrouded:

Enshrouded best swords

6) Extinguished Sword

The Extinguished Sword emerges as an optimal early-game acquisition, delivering up to 158 damage. While limited to Common or Rare loot, its versatility and respectable damage output prove invaluable at the outset of your journey. Locate it south of the Kindlewood’s Ancient Spire.

5) Hailscourge

As you traverse Enshrouded’s initial regions and refine your build, obtaining the Hailscourge proves advantageous. This Epic sword boasts versatility with both piercing and blunt upgrades, in addition to serving as a light source, facilitating exploration. It’s a prized asset for both early and mid-game endeavors, found within a chest in the Mistbury Catacombs.

4) Sword of Radiance

The Sword of Radiance emerges as a formidable physical weapon, prioritizing cutting and blunt damage over piercing potential. While primarily focusing on critical hit chance increase bonuses, it excels in its designated role, delivering up to 146 damage. Obtain it as random loot from various areas, including chests within Kindlewastes.

3) Enflamed Sword

Ideal for magic-utilizing players, the Enflamed Sword, a Legendary weapon, inflicts higher piercing damage alongside fire damage. Offering critical hit chance increases and mana regeneration bonuses, it particularly suits Paladins. Acquire it from looted chests.

2) Ice Blade

Similar to the Enflamed Sword but freezing foes instead of dealing fire damage, the Ice Blade features enhanced piercing potential. Its superior upgrades, encompassing critical hit chance increases and Ice Magic Damage bonuses, make it ideal for Knights. Discover it within Kindlewastes chests.

1) Wailing Blade

The epitome of sword superiority in Enshrouded, the Wailing Blade, a Legendary weapon, embodies balanced prowess, delivering equal piercing, cutting, and blunt damage. Complemented by upgrades for critical hit and damage, it stands as the pinnacle of efficiency in dealing substantial damage. Additionally, it offers illumination. Obtain this coveted blade from the Scavenger’s Stash, located south of the Ancient Vault.

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