Enshrouded: Best Skills to Get First

In the immersive survival world of Enshrouded, strategic decisions play a pivotal role in shaping your experience. The game’s skill system, driven by Skill Points earned through leveling up or completing quests, allows players to specialize in various playstyles. Understanding the essential skills to prioritize can significantly impact your effectiveness in Embervale. This guide will provide insights into the best skills to acquire early in your Enshrouded journey.

Skills in Enshrouded

As you progress through Enshrouded, Skill Points offer opportunities to invest in diverse paths, each tailored to specific playstyles. Whether you aspire to be a skilled Assassin or forge a connection with animals as a Beastmaster, your choices influence how you navigate the world of Embervale.

Skills in Enshrouded

To make the most of your Skill Points, having a clear plan and understanding the best skills to aim for is essential.

Best Skills to Get First in Enshrouded

Well Rested – 1 Skill Point

The Well Rested skill rewards players for resting in favorable conditions, extending the bonus by five minutes. This skill enhances stamina and recovery capabilities, providing a significant buff for extended journeys as more objects are added to your home.

Double Jump – 2 Skill Points

Navigating the expansive world of Enshrouded is vital, and the Double Jump skill adds a layer of convenience to traversal. Unlocking this skill early on allows for more efficient exploration and improved mobility.

Double Jump

Sneak Attack – 3 Skill Points

When faced with multiple enemies, the Sneak Attack skill becomes invaluable. It grants players the ability to deal ten times the damage to unsuspecting enemies, providing a strategic advantage in clearing threats one by one.

Water Aura – 3 Skill Points

For those focusing on the Intelligence stat, Water Aura proves to be a crucial skill. It restores one HP per second, serving as a valuable healing source when lacking potions or cooked food. Additionally, it can benefit allies, making you a valuable teammate.

Blink – 4 Skill Points

Tired of narrowly escaping enemies with a dodge roll? Blink replaces the standard dodge roll with a short-range teleport, offering better evasion and positioning. This skill enhances your ability to avoid damage and escape tight situations.

Evasion Attack – 4 Skill Points

Taking a more aggressive approach, the Evasion Attack skill provides protection from attacks while enabling you to close the distance and launch a fierce counterattack. Ideal for players who prefer a combat-focused playstyle.

These early skills lay the foundation for a successful journey in Enshrouded. Strategic acquisition and mastery of these abilities will enhance your survival skills and contribute to a more fulfilling experience in Embervale.

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