Enshrouded | Best Paladin build

You possess extensive freedom in tailoring your character’s abilities in Enshrouded, allowing you to explore unconventional paths like crafting a Paladin build.

Enshrouded offers a selection of 12 distinct classes, each equipped with diverse skills, attributes, and equipment. The Paladin build stands out for its complexity, requiring meticulous planning to optimize its potential.

Enshrouded’s best Paladin build

While Paladin isn’t among the official classes in Enshrouded, specific gear tailored for this role exists, enabling you to fashion a Paladin-style build through multiclassing in other classes. Crafting a robust build becomes paramount in the absence of an official Paladin class.

Best Paladin skills in Enshrouded

Since there isn’t a designated Paladin skill tree, you’ll primarily blend skills from both intelligence-based (blue) and strength-based (red) classes to forge a formidable Paladin build. Here are the top Paladin skills to consider:

  • Blink
  • Cost: Four points
  • Effect: Replaces your standard roll dodge with a short-range teleport.
  • Blink Attack
  • Cost: Two points
  • Effect: Triggers a fire damage explosion upon Blinking into an opponent.
  • Emergency Blink
  • Cost: Two points
  • Effect: Enables Blinking even while stunned.
  • Battle Heal
  • Cost: Three points
  • Effect: Restores five percent of maximum health when dealing melee-based damage.
  • Arcane Deflection
  • Cost: Two points
  • Effect: Grants 20 mana upon successfully parrying an attack.
  • Water Aura
  • Cost: Three points
  • Effect: Heals nearby players based on your Intelligence.

While these skills excel overall, you can opt for a more damage-oriented or magic-focused Paladin build based on your preference. Regardless, you’ll wield significant strength and versatility, tailoring your build to suit your preferred playstyle.

Best Paladin statistics in Enshrouded

To excel as a Paladin, prioritize Constitution, Intelligence, and Strength as your main statistics. As you acquire skills, you’ll encounter some that enhance all three statistics, so strike a balance while incorporating the aforementioned top skills.

Best Paladin armor in Enshrouded

Although Paladin lacks official status, the potent Radiant Paladin armor set remains the optimal choice for a Paladin build.

ArmorStatisticsSpecial Effects
Radiant Paladin HelmetMagical Resistance – 28 Physical Resistance – 42+15 percent melee critical strike chance
Radiant Paladin ChestplateMagical Resistance – 56 Physical Resistance – 113+240 health +24 stamina
Radiant Paladin GlovesMagical Resistance – 14 Physical Resistance – 28+Two percent damage against melee opponents
Radiant Paladin TrousersMagical Resistance – 28 Physical Resistance – 70+Two health regeneration +90 health
Radiant Paladin BootsMagical Resistance – 14 Physical Resistance – 28+Four health regeneration -120 health timeout reduction

Best Paladin weapons in Enshrouded

To maximize your Paladin’s strength, opt for some of the finest weapons available in Enshrouded, focusing on either melee or magic-based options. As a unique blend of magic and melee, Paladin offers considerable flexibility in weapon choice. Here are some top picks:

Luminous WandWand
Jezmina’s ApotheosisAxe
Shroud WeaverStaff
Lightforged AxeAxe

While not a top choice overall, the Wailing Blade serves as a solid early-game option for Paladins. Additionally, consider incorporating a shield or ward, such as the Shield of Light or the Ghostly Ward, to further enhance your Paladin build. Your defensive choice should complement your build seamlessly.

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